HR- About Us

  VOLTECH HR was constituted by the Managerial Committee to address the skill deficit that the industry is facing from graduates in the field of Engineering and allied sciences. In true abidance with Indian ethos, VOLTECH group considers its human capital as an investment which increases in value over time rather than as a resource for pure commercial exploitation. This stands true in the face of the enormous attrition that its competitors witness every year. VOLTECH’s employees are committed to the organization, and are partakers in its every successful endeavour.

  VOLTECH HR, branched into various sub-sections within its prestigious divisions, covers the entire industry in its search and acquisition of skillsets, and boasts an enviable presence among Employment Portals. Every year, it recruits and trains thousands of prospective graduates across its many divisions, for both domestic and overseas operations.

  VOLTECH HR is a fully integrated unit that works in tandem with the different departments and sections using Cross-functional teams. It is directly engaged in the work and welfare related aspects of each department, while also constantly engaging in skill development, re-skilling, and continued assistance for employees who are pursuing career transition paths.

  VOLTECH HR is the first point of contact for all new trainees and employees inducted into VOLTECH. Aside from providing all information and training pertaining to statutory process, the Company’s Vision and Mission, Management, rules and regulations, it also assesses each candidate based on their talents, skills and expertise to assign them to roles best suiting their capabilities.

  VOLTECH HR schedules Certificate Training Programmes during the calendar year for skill augmentation and re-skilling of employees. The Safety Department, a crucial component of the HR Department is functioning both at the Corporate headquarters as well as all field locations both in India and overseas. Safety Training is conducted directly on-site, and is a regularized practice within the Corporate Calendar.

  The Public Relations Wing of the HR Department is in charge of all ceremonial events, press conferences, and hospitality related functions of the Company, for different events held at various locations. All promotional materials as well as video releases come directly under the purview of the Public Relations Wing.

  VOLTECH HR is the organizing authority for all CSR related activities of VOLTECH. It directly coordinates with each department and division of the company for selecting volunteers as well as organizing all field events at the CSR Locations of VOLTECH.

  Aside from these responsibilities, the HR Department periodically organizes cultural and festival events in tandem with important occasions, and also hosts games, tournaments and group activities for continual employee engagement.

  The administrative wing of the HR Department protects employee welfare as well as providing appropriate insurance cover for all employees as well as their families within its domain.

HR Intiatives

  Every year, VOLTECH HR alone trains close to 36 batches of 30 candidates, in an in-house programme, followed by a written test, and subsequent deployment in field. Candidates who do not meet these requirements are given further training and mentoring before they are inducted.

  VOLTECH HR team ensures close to 100% induction rate for shortlisted candidates. Being a result driven effort, we strive for 100% pass rate in all programmes, creating a much more involved environment and atmosphere where individual attention and mentoring is given to trainees as well as the inclusion of a continuous evaluation system whereby trainees’ progress and competencies are assessed systematically throughout the duration of the programme.

  VOLTECH HR team comprises of 15 specialists whose areas of interest focuses the training efforts across 8 key areas. The 15 specialists are certified professionals with relevant field experience and practical knowledge, and impart training consistent with the best training standards of the Industry. The HR training Programme is an ISO certified programme that meets international standards in all aspects of its curriculum, pedagogy and delivery. The eight key areas of focus are the following:

Stress Management

First Aid Training

Safety Training

Environmental Management & Conservation





  In addition to its skill-development activities, the employees are periodically provided with refresher course as well as new training programmes to keep them at the cusp of every new technological breakthrough in the industry. It is a direct consequence of these efforts that has seen its most tangible results in the commercial and technological successes that VOLTECH’s Engineering and Renewable Energy divisions have enjoyed in the recent years.

  We particularly focus our efforts in maintaining and upholding employee satisfaction at the workplace, increasing employee engagement, and reducing turnover. Field based employees are regularly trained and given refresher sessions to engage them in direct communication with the head office, where such interactions also provide an adaptive feedback system which works in tandem with the existing functions of the Department.

  Reducing near miss incidents and workplace accidents are another important function of these activities, with employee injuries and fatalities being routinely associated with contributing factors such as stress, fatigue, poor training, lack of knowledge of technical aspects of the work, poor levels of motivation, and ineptness in first-aid recovery procedures. The Safety wing of the HR team, engages the field Engineers continuously both on-site as well as off-site, at all domestic and international locations to ensure that such incidents are minimized, and completely eliminated.

  VOLTECH HR mentors individual trainees, with the active involvement of the heads of various divisions, who are among the most elite and experienced professionals within the field. VOLTECH employees are not just exposed to the domestic market, but are also brand ambassadors for the company in more than the two dozen locations where its presence is felt, from the far-east, to the near east and Africa, as well as continental Europe.

Training & Devlopment

  The HR Department of VOLTECH selects, recruits, trains and mentors skilled candidates through one of the most rigorous and painstaking process of employment within the industry. Each candidate is assessed based on a number of parameters, and is mandatorily passed through several levels of interviews with every department of the organization before his recruitment. The HR Department of VOLTECH is one of the most innovative departments among corporate houses, adhering to the most stringent norms and standards established within the industry.

  Every training programme is ISO-Certified, and is considered the benchmark in the industry, and potential trainees are recruited on the basis of references from company employees, wel-wisher and campus interview from various colleges. The training programmes are conducted at two locations, at VOLTECH Techno Park in Kovur, and the VOLTECH Eco Tower in Ayyapanthangal. The VOLTECH Techno Park facility has a capacity to train 100 students in a batch at a single time, and has three full-time managers, and a rigorous curriculum vetted by Quality Control

  During the two-week program, the trainees will take part in several demanding work assignments. Our own considerable experience has shown that this time frame offers participants the deepest possible insight into our company and the interesting tasks being performed. The program’s highlight is no doubt the certification, which will signify competence and skill acquisition in the trainees, making them ready for immediate deployment

  Based on the candidate’s qualifications and personal interests as well as VOLTECH’s business requirements, the candidate and the training team jointly craft the nuances of the training delivery. One thing is certain: VOLTECH HR will support the candidate throughout the entire program while also helping the candidate to coordinate his/her assignments.

  The training and development programme is a forum for cultural interchange and acclimatizes the cosmopolitan VOLTECH culture and corporate philosophy to the participants’ right from inception. VOLTECH HR ensures the training programme integrates the candidates into the company’s interdisciplinary and multifunctional global network at an early stage of their careers. This is the key to ensuring successful posting of trainees at any of the domestic and international locations of the company, as well as client sites.

  Corporate Sensitization: The training programme is highly interaction oriented, and utilizes a formative assessment methodology to continually monitor the trainees’ progress. The interpersonal interactions and exchanges with the HR team ensures that the trainees are sensitized to the corporate climate and culture, while also helping imbibe strong inter-personal skills, cultural sensitization in a diversity pool, cultural adaptation and customer centricity in all official transactions. Social Etiquette forms a crucial part of this training.

  The training programme is divided into three clear-cut categories. Classroom centric, Case centric and Experience centric. The classroom centric component provides subject intensive training, including technical product education, operation and maintenance of equipment and product range. The case centric methods use practical experiences and incidents from the site and the company offices to develop problem solving skills in the trainees, while also giving them insights into the functional aspects of their jobs. Case centric methods are an excellent opportunity to provide a third-person’s view of the training process, and allow the trainees to share different perspectives. Safety training is case intensive. The experience centric component deals with actual skill acquisition on site, learning on the go, and working concurrently with the best professionals from VOLTECH in important client locations.

  VOLTECH’s Training and Development division has gone to great lengths in putting structures in place for optimizing trainees’ learning processes. The training calendar is designed in such a way as to provide candidates with deep insight into company operations, invaluable experience, and lasting contacts. The personal mentoring component of the training process involves a high degree of interpersonal interactions and transactions which shape the trainees and help them develop a proper outlook towards their future careers.

  Functional Area Training: The training calendar is a prelude to familiarizing candidates with the diverse fields of activity of VOLTECH’s divisions. In these divisions, the trainees would be required to work in different functional areas.

  In this way, trainees obtain a comprehensive overview of Siemens, while gaining expertise, ideas and developing lasting relationships even after the conclusion of the program. The continual training programme serves as a refresher course to constantly keep employees engaged and to encourage a systemic interaction with the VOLTECH HR to continually improve and improvise upon its processes and systems.

Life at Voltech

LIFE AT VOLTECH: From simple domestic power solutions to state-of-the-art Power Plants, Voltech is impacting the lives of ordinary people from rural villages to mega cities. With its presence across several sectors such as Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Electronics, Voltech touches people’s lives in more ways than they could imagine. Being part of Voltech lets you be part of a truly cosmopolitan work culture, embracing technology, innovation, cutting edge-research and best business practices to make life simpler for the whole of humanity. Boasting a strong environment-centric approach to its culture, Voltech competes to remain at the forefront of new and efficient technologies that preserve and sustain the environment for future generations.

  Individuality in Diversity: Within its strong team-spirit, the company promotes individuality in its employees in coming up with their own ideas, approaching problems differently, and fostering a culture of communitarian inclusivity within a diverse and multi-faceted work environment.

  4000 Unique minds and perspectives: People at Voltech are smart, professional, innovative, and prudent risk-takers. That is why Voltech actively seeks out individuals with more than just new ideas. We want to see those ideas gain form and fruition.

We know how disruptions can change the face of the world in no time. That is why we constantly look to diversify into new Business areas, while continuing to actively invent and bring fresh discoveries in the businesses where we operate. Whether it is our team games, sports and activities that marks crucial days in our calendar, or our mind-wrenching puzzles and quizzes, or simply a conversation that sparked a train of thought in our mess halls and canteens, we constantly interact with each other, across cross-functional teams, cascading a high-achieving culture that flows across our rank and file. Our work-philosophy is defined by openness, honesty, integrity and inclusivity.

“Nobody gets left behind or left out. I take care of everyone in my team. To each according to his skill, to each according to his work. I bring out the best in my employees by identifying their gifts and talents, and synergizing it with our team-spirit to shape every project.”- M. Umapathi (Chairman cum Managing Director- Voltech Group)

  Our world is one: Diversity is the driving force of our ideals. This is why we attach unequalled importance to our equal opportunity policy in recruitment. Irrespective of gender, age, race, caste, religion, or disability, we scour for talents from every human domain. We want to be a change driver in society and business, which is why we need people who can push for change.


  At VOLTECH, we are networkers, innovators, pioneers, engineers, technicians, risk-takers and team players!

  To maintain our competitive edge in a cut-throat industry landscape, we seek candidates who are passionate about their subject, have a keen eye for new technology, and wish to grow professionally over a period of time with VOLTECH.

  Our leadership and management spans the entire breadth of our company, boasting individuals who have worked their way up from Trainee Engineers to becoming Vice-Presidents and Directors. Just like our humble beginnings, we believe that small things can make giant changes. That is why, in encouraging our employees to take the lead, brainstorm and innovate, and bring a positive change to their workspace we wish to be more than just an employer, but also an investor in their progress. We are part of a highly driven culture where one needs to be the driver for change, while working proactively in creating specialized talent pools that transcend typical organizational barriers.

  Within our culture of high motivation and individuality in a system of synergy and team-cohesiveness, we can together reach for the skies. When you work with Voltech, you have the opportunity to craft a future together even as we strive constantly to create a new and better world. At Voltech, we value uniqueness, intelligence, integrity, risk-taking, openness, a cosmopolitan mindset and the desire to make a difference with your individual contribution.

  Even as Voltech takes head-on, some of the most futuristic projects in the industry today, you will have the opportunity to know more about yourself, test your limits, foster new relationships, explore new vistas and be part of a family of 4000 and growing.

  In paramountcy, our achievements are the fruits of working together and making dreams become reality.