As a part of Voltech CSR Initiatives, Educational Scholarships were given to the needy students. Every year around 50+ Students get benefitted with this scholarship.

Scholarships Awarded to the Needy Students

For nearly 10 years, the Voltech group has provided a pathway to success for thousands of young people. In 2018, 35 students from school and college levels received more than 10 lakh rupees as cash endowments for furthering their academic ambitions. The Group also made a magnanimous contribution of Rs. 15 lakhs for the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Cheyyar. "We are very happy with the fact we can award these scholarships to these students who work very hard both academically and in extracurricular activities," said Shri. M. Umapathi, the Managing Director of the Voltech group. The cheques were awarded to the guardians of the scholars by the founder of the Muva trust, Shri. N. Murugesan, who is the revered father of the Managing Director.

"Education advances human knowledge and brings together communities", Mrs. U. Kalaivani, Director of Voltech group said. Mrs. Kalaivani said that the trust was set up to give financial support to deserving students from economically challenged backgrounds, irrespective of their religion, caste or social status. "This scholarship may be for one person but we should see the impact one person has and it goes very far. This is celebration of excellence in education." she said.