Domestic - About Us

An ISO 9001:2008-certified Organization, VOLTECH Testing &Commissioning (T&C) Services was the first completely independent electrical testingOrganization in India. It operates in a wide range of markets including International Airports, Metro Railways, Steel plants,Cement plants, Power plants Thermal, Nuclear & Hydro, and Refineries.

VOLTECH T&C is owned by well-experienced Electrical Engineers of around 2500 in numbers. Our Engineers technical versatility has always been identified or recognized as the best in the market by most MNC Customers like M/s ABB, M/s Siemens, M/s L&T, M/s Altoms,M/s Schneider Electric and also Private Sector companies, Semi Govt. & Government undertakings as well as public sector organizations, Government Principals like M/s PGCIL, M/s NPCIL, M/s ONGC, M/s BHEL & M/s NTPC.

Rich in history, VOLTECH T&C pioneered the integrity of Testing & Commissioning and the necessity for standards andCertifications. VOLTECH T&C division has grown significantly servicing the India Top end to cape with Regional offices in Metro Cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai andKolkatta. VOLTECH T&C Division help the clients in Testing & Commissioning and to manage the life cycle of their electric power in distribution systems & Generating systems. We provide 24-hour, 365-day service, both on a planned and on emergency basis.

We are also associated with almost all the MNC’s by ‘Annual Rate Contract” ARC for agreed providing ‘Testing & Commissioning’ services for main projects all India.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our Organization provides safety training to all our Engineers who work near energized or de-energized electrical equipment. We are so serious about safety that we pioneered the integrity of testing and the necessity of standards and certifications which will ensure the safety of our facility and our employees.

Our Engineers undergo “Electrical Safety Training”, along with how to select and use the proper Electrical Protective Equipment (EPE). They also participate in mandatory safety sessions, & safety meetings as & when conducted. We also provide not only training, but properly selected, rated and tested electrical protective equipment.

For over couple of decades, VOLTECH T&C division has offered our clients critical power system solutions. Our skilled professionalsDeliver customized services to fit customer needs. We provide our customers with a professional of degreed and certified engineers who are trained and experienced in performing specification and testing in compliance with industry standards.