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Testing & Commissioning

  Testing and Commissioning division of Voltech was established in 1995, and is engaged in rendering electrical services of turnkey solutions for all industrial projects, gained vast experience in the areas of transmission & distribution, Power utilities, power sector and other industries. Testing and commissioning division of Voltech technical competency to work upto - 765KV class. VoltechEngineers has a dedicated team of 2000 Qualified Engineers operating from 400 - 450 sites all over the globe. For over 2 decades, VOLTECH T&C division has offered our clients critical power system solutions.

  Our skilled professionals deliver customized services to fit customer needs. We provide our customers with a professional of degreed and certified engineers who are trained and experienced in performing specification and testing in compliance with industry standards. Our field engineers meet the rigorous Indian standards of the Electrical Testing.

  Our Field Engineers also undergo continuing education, to maintain the IS level, and keep abreast of the latest techniques/technologies in the testing field.

  Our Organization gives safety training for all Engineers who work near energized or de energized electrical equipment. We are so serious about safety that we pioneered the integrity of testing and the necessity of standards and certifications that ensure the safety of our facility and our employees.

  Our Engineers undergo Electrical Safety Training, along with how to select and use the proper Electrical Protective Equipment (EPE). They also participate in mandatory safety sessions, & safety meetings as & when conducted. We also provide not only training, but properly selected, rated and tested electrical protective equipment.

  • Electrical – Studies, Analysis & Implementations

      esidual Life Analysis for different electrical equipment's such as Power Transformer, Power Generator (Coal/Gas/Thermal/Hydro/Nuclear), HV Motors &Substation Equipment's.

      Diagnostics of EHV / HV Cables upto 220KV

      Harmonics studies and analysis

      Electrical Safety Audit, Energy Audit for power plant & process plant.

      Power Quality Audit including study of Transients

      Relay setting calculations through ETAP 12.5

      Lightning protection studies

      Earthing protection

      Illumination studies

  • Diagnostics & RLA

      Our diagnostics tools are fully automated and updated with latest technology.

      Tan delta and capacitance measurement kits (DELTA 4100, M4100) of MEGGER and DOBLE manufacturers.

      SFRA (FRAX 101, M5200) of MEGGER and DOBLE manufacturers.

      Circuit Breaker Analyzer (Hisac 2406 & ULTIMA) of SCOPE.

      Dew point Measurement (Alpha moisture, SAP Mini)

      Thermal imager (FLIER B CAM)

      Power quality/ Harmonics analyzer (Kyoritsu, Fluke)

      Vibration measurement (X- Viber), Noise level Measurement (Lutron)

      ON LINE Leakage Current Analyzer for LA's (SA 301)

      Multi-functional Primary test system (CPC 100 – Omicron)

    Software proficiency of our experts

      ABB – PCM 600, PCM 2.3, CAP 540, CAP 501, CAP 505, REBCON, REBWIN, REBSYS




    Proficiency in handling test equipment

      CMC 356 (OMICRON), F6150 (DOBLE), FREJA 300 & SWERKER 760 (Programma), ISA – DRTS 66, PULSUR (AVO)

    Services provided by us in Various Sectors (Power Plants, Sub Stations, Oil& Gas Sectors, Transport Sectors, Process Industries, Hospitals, etc..) are as follows.

      Regulating the protection zones according to the protection needs without disturbing the process from downstream to upstream

      Sizing the Electrical Equipments

      Relay – Co-ordination, Configuration, Testing & Commissioning for all types of relays.

       Testing & Commissioning of Electrical equipments in any type of sectors.

      Protection Co-ordination (Relay Co-ordination)

       Dielectric Insulation Test

       Thermal Imaging for capturing the week spots.

       Operational Analysis of the Circuit Breaker

       Assessing the Healthiness of the insulation

       Third Harmonic Leakage current Measurement in Surge Arresters & Lightning Arresters.

      Assisting the PG Test

      Committing towards meeting the requirements for power up of Electrical Equipments.

      Complete diagnosis over the trending of the report.

      Electrical Safety Auditing with respect to Indian Electricity Act.

      Thermography Audit

      Enhancing the activities over the Annual Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance & periodic maintenance over the Electrical Equipments.

      Mitigate the penetrating of impure supply (Harmonics) to avoid the damage of insulations.

      Installation & Refurbishment of Distribution Transformers & Power Transformer up to 100 MVA Transformers.

      Performance Assessments of transformer

      Power Quality Assessments


HVDC ±800 kV North-East Agra: VEPL - HVDC’s Milestone Achievement

  ABB was selected by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. to deliver the world’s first multi-terminal UHVDC transmission link. The ±800 kV North-East Agra UHVDC link will have a record 6,000 MW converter capacity, including a 2,000 MW redundancy, and transmit clean power from India's northeast region to the city of Agra, a distance of 1,728 km.

  One converter station will be in the north-eastern state of Assam, and a second in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. The other end of the DC line will terminate at Agra, where two bipolar converters will be connected in parallel. The 800 kV equipment yard at Agra will for the first time be placed indoors.

  This is the second ABB-built multi-terminal HVDC link. In 1990-1992, a large-scale three terminal transmission link was constructed in North America called the Québec - New England HVDC Transmission - the first of its kind in the world.

  At full capacity, the North-East Agra UHVDC link will be able to supply enough electricity to serve 90 million people based on average national consumption. Ultrahigh voltage minimizes transmission losses and improves grid efficiency

The Main Data of HVDC ±800 kV North-East Agra UHVDC link is as below:

Commissioning year : 2017

Power rating : 6,000 MW (multi-terminal)

No. of poles : Converter: 4

Line: 2

AC voltage : 400 kV (all stations)

DC voltage : ±800 kV

Length of overhead DC line : 1,728 km

Main reason for choosing HVDC : Long distance, bulk power

Application : Connecting remote generation

  It is a pleasure that HVDC Unit of Voltech Group has attained such an effective successful movement on the above project!! Hearty congratulations to the whole team!!!

HVDC division of Voltech Engineers private limited is strongly biased towards providing quality of testing and commissioning service to our customers for more than one decade in core field. Our engineers are competent and veteran in pre-commissioning, commissioning of all equipments likely Converter Stations, Quadrivalves, VBE and CCP in HVDC field. We are conversant with thyristors and controls. We have involved in the commissioning at various parts of the world.

Services Offered HVDC

  Thyristor Converter and inverter valve towers/Valves

  Valve and pole controls

  Valve based electronics

  Fiber optic systems

  Protection systems

  Station alarm systems

  Fault recorders

  DRPS Dynamic Reverse Power Sharing Controls

  HMI Equipment

  Cooling Control & Equipmetns

  Control for back up generators

  Team responsibilities

  Verifying healthiness of filters

  Cooling plant commissioning

  Transformer and Bay testing

  Healthiness and functional checks of Thyristors.

  POWERGRID has commissioned ±800kV HVDC Champa – Kurukshetra Transmission Line Pole-I and put to commercial operation w.e.f. 24th March 2017. This project will enable transfer of power from IPP generation projects coming up in Raigarh, Champa, and Raipur generation complex in Chhattisgarh to demand centres of Northern region viz. Haryana, Punjab, UP, Rajasthan and adjoining areas.

  25 of our “VOLTECH ENGINEERS” are a part of this Pole 1 Commissioning project.

  The above transmission system has been designed using State-of-the-art HVDC Technology and shall facilitate in meeting controlled power flow requirement, flexibility of operation as well as maintaining system parameters within limits through its control mechanism. The link augments the inter-regional capacity of Northern Region with Western Region, thereby facilitating economic dispatch of power and exchange of surplus power between Northern Region and Western Region, depending on the availability of generation and load demand in each region.

  This project ensures 24*7 power supply, quality and access. The same has been tweeted by Mr.Piyush Goyal.

  800kV Pole 3 has been successfully commissioned at HVDC ABB AB Alipurduar site consisting of 15 “Voltech Engineers”

ATT - RLA Studies & Condition


  Ensure High Reliability and availability of assets

  Avoid Power Outage leading to loss of production

  Extend lifetime of Existing assets

  Optimize assets performance

  Increase production output with existing assets

  Increase return on assets

  Reduce Life Cycle costs – Lowest Operation and maintenance costs

  Optimize Capital expenditure


Electrical Safety Audit

Indian industries are growing at a faster pace and so the accidents. Industry managements invest & benchmark against global standards in areas like product development, energy conservation, Occupational Health, Environment etc., but is yet to adopt & achieve global bench marking in the area of Electrical Safety.

Thermography Audit (As Per Is/Cea Guidelines)

VOLTECH has Pan India Presence to carry out Thermography Audit Service. We are offering our clients excellent quality Thermography Services. Our skilled professionals offer this service of the following types of equipment like fuse boards, distribution boards, bus bar systems, control panels, high voltage and medium voltage systems and power line connections and insulators. Furthermore, this service can be customized as per the demands of our clients in various specifications. We are offering this service at nominal prices to our patrons.


To measure the total harmonics distortions THDV and THDI order of individual harmonics, power Factor at the incomer and as well as each outgoing feeders to give solutions for power factor Improvement and harmonics mitigations.

Methodology Of the Study

  Site study & data collections

  Field data monitoring &measurement

  Data analysis

  Report preparation with recommendation/ proposal for the harmonics filter implementation.


Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning shall be carried out by use of

  Passive filter

  Active filter


Training - Testing & Commissioning

Voltech Training Center offers following courses:

  Testing of Electrics (Testing of Transformers, CT, PT, Circuit Breaker & Motors)

  Power system Protection (All Types of Relays)

  Design Engineering (Electrical Power systems)

  Design Engineering (Civil & Structural)

  In plant Training – Electrical (Manufacturing of Transformers, Circuit Breaker, Control & Relay Panel and Battery Chargers)

  Project work support in Electrical Power systems

  Workshop on Electrical topics

  Value Added Program for Electrical Engineering Students

  Faculty Development Program Any topic pertaining to Power System suit to client's requirement

Transformer Installation / Servicing

Transformer Installation / Servicing

  Unloading of transformer

  Visual inspection, Nitrogen checks & Dew point measurement

  Absorbing the abnormalities in the shock Impact recorder

  Placing the transformer in the plinth/Base of the construction

  Locations and Site Preparation for Installation of a Power Transformer

  Preparation of Oil during Installation of Transformer

  Drying out Power Transformer using Streamlined Filter Machine

  Gaskets and Gasket Joints

  Fitting and Fixing Bushings of Transformer

  Installation of Conservator Tank

  Fittings of Silica Gel Breather

  Installation of Explosion Vent

  Fitting of Buchholz Relay

  Installation of Temperature Indicator

  Installation of Cooling Equipment

  Fitting of off & On Load Tap Changer

  Earthing of Transformer

  Completion of Erection work for Installation of Power Transformer

  Testing activates for before installation and After installation


On Field

  Increasing the oil dialectical strength by oil filtration.

  Replacement of bushing up to 400KV Class

  Arresting the oil leakage by replacing the gaskets

  OLTC Service

  Improve the efficacy of the earthing the transformer

  Minor Moisture removal from core & Coil assembly

In Factory Premises

  Reconditioning of transformer upto 220 KV class

  Rewinding of Transformer

  Moisture removal from core & Coil assembly

RLA Studies & Condition Assessment

The performance of equipment is analyzed through various test under condition assessment and review of maintenance

( break down maintenance, scheduled maintenance & condition monitoring) to determine its condition and predict when it will need attention.

Main Steps Involved In R&M And Life Extension Of Equipment

The main steps involved in R&M and Life Extension of equipment are as under

  Study of past performance data and review of O&M records e.g. loading conditions, number of tripping, failures, repairs/replacements etc.

  Condition Assessment of the equipment to know the present health e.g. efficiency and other operating parameters.

  Assessment of remaining life of various components of the plant by conducting Residual Life Assessment (RLA) studies.

  Identification of components requiring replacements, repairs, up gradations/retrofitting.

  Implementation of R&M and Life Extension Program on equipment to equipment basis.

  Replacement of equipment with 'latest state of art' making new provisions as a modernization process.

Design & Engineering

Voltech is a lead role player in providing Design engineering services to major EPC solution providers and independent project builders in the field of Electrical, Power System Studies, Instrumentation, Civil and Structural for power & process plants and various industrial utility requirements.

  Up 765kV T&D Gas Insulated and Air Insulated Substations.

  Up to 400kV Industrial Substations..

  Fossil fuel, Bio Mass, Bio Gas, Natural Gas, Water and Renewable Energy Based Power Plants..

  Water Treatment Plants (RWTP, STP and ETP)..

  Process Plants (Steel, Cement, Paper, Chemical, Oil & Gas)..

  Food Process Industries..

  Automobile Industries..

  Manufacturing facilities..

Services Offered

Electrical Primary Engineering

  Design Concept and Philosophy.

  Pre & Post bid engineering

  Earthing design

  Lightning Protection

  Indoor & Outdoor illumination

  Short circuit force & cantilever strength calculation

  Conductor sizing calculations

  Erection Key Diagram

  Sag Tension Calculation

  Panel layout for AC & DC

  Control Room Lay Out & Switchgear Arrangements

  Cable Tray Route, layout Engineering

Electrical Secondary Engineering

  Protection Metering Single Line Diagram

  Station/ Auxiliary Transformer Sizing Calculation

  Relay Setting Calculations

  Control Schematics

  Cable Sizing

  CT & VT Sizing Calculation

  Battery Sizing Calculation

  Single Line Diagram for LV /AC/ DC Distribution System

Relay And Control Panel Engineering

Numerical Relays of ABB, AREV A & SIEMENS

  400/220kV Transmission Line & Equipment protection

  Bus Differential protection

  Cable feeder protection

  Cable + Transformer protection

  Isolator Interloclting Scheme

  Protection Logic Diagrams and Trip matrix

  Panel GA, Lay Out and BOM

Power System Studies

  Load Flow Analysis.

  Short Circuit Analysis.

  Transient Stability.

  Motor Accelerations and System Dynamics.

  Load Shedding.

  Harming Analysis and Mitigations.

  Reliability Study.

  Protection Setting and coordination.

Plant Engineering (E&I)

  Design base report

  Key/Protection SLD

  Equipment Sizing like Trafo, Capacitor, Breaker and etc,

  Inputs providing to other engineering disciplines.

  Overall/Area wise Cable Tray/Trench Routing.

  Power &Control Cable Sizing and Schedule

  Earthing Calculation &Layout based on local and international standards.

  Lightning Calculation & Layout based on local and international standards.

  Earthing/Lightning Installation Standard Drawings.

  Software & Manual lighting design Calculation & Layout.

  Material take offs (MTOs) & review vendor drawings.

  Instrument JB grouping and Cable Schedule.

  I/O list and Control System Configuration Diagram.

  Hookup Diagram.

Civil & Structural Engineering

  Design Basis Report & Specification

  Soil Investigation - Specification & GA Drawing


  Switchyard Foundation Layout

  Tower & Girder Structure & Fdn.

  Lightning arrester (LA) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Current Transformer(CT) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Capacitance Voltage Transformer(CVT) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Potential Transformer (PT) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Bus Post Insulator(BPI) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Isolator / Disconnector Support Structure & Fdn.

  Wave Trap (WT) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Circuit Breaker (CB) Fdn.

  Lightning cum Lighting mast (LCLM) Support Structure & Fdn.

  Transformer Fdn.

  Burnt Oil Pit

  Septic Tank & Soak Pit

  Capacitor bank & AC Kiosk Fdns.

  Oil collection tank Fdn.

  Control Room Building

  GIS Building

  Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for all Civil Works

  Road & Drainage layout & details

  Boundary wall & Retaining wall

  Overhead water tank

  Architecture Drawings

  Firewall design and Drawings


Major Projects of T&C

  Click to view Major Projects of T&C

Major Projects of Design Engineering

  Click to view Major Projects of Design Engineering


New Orders


  Testing & Commissioning work at various sites of 765/400/220kV AIS & GIS (BGCL) SS03 & SS04 through M/s. Siemens Limited- value of 26 Lakhs.

  Testing & commissioning work through M/s. LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED - value of 5 Lakhs.

  Testing & Commissioning of SVC Equipments under SVC package at Ludhiana through M/s. Siemens Limited- value of 8 Lakhs.

  Testing & Commissioning at BARC Tarapur through M/s. LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED - value of 2 Lakhs.

  Testing of electrical equipment through M/s. JBS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., - value of 50 Thousands.

  ICD1- Western Region has bagged Order value of 5.50 lakhs from Bajaj Larsen & Tubro Ltd.Electricals Ltd.

  ICD1- Western Region has bagged Order value of 4.1 lakhs from Larsen & Tubro Ltd.

  ICD1- Northern Region has bagged Order value of 8 Lakhs from Siemens

  ICD1- Western Region has bagged Order value of 3.50 lakhs from Konstelec Engineers Pvt Ltd.


  Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipments through M/s. Larsen & Toubro Limited, Construction - value of 3.1 Lakhs.

  Testing and Commissioning of 220/33kV pooling substation for wind farm at Sadla village through M/s.KSA Power Infra Pvt. Ltd-value of 7 Lakhs


  Testing & commissioning of 11/0.44 Kv, 750 KVA ONAN transformer along with NCT & WTICT through Sri Mayur Biscuit Co. (P) Ltd- value of 1.20Lakhs.

  ICD1- Southern Region has bagged Order value of 1.50 Lakhs from ABB India Ltd

  ICD1- Southern Region has bagged Order value of 7 Lakhs from KSA

  ICD1- Eastern Region has bagged Order value of 3.1 Lakhs from Transient Electricals (P) Ltd.

  ICD1- Eastern Region has bagged Order value of 3.1 Lakhs from Aditya Birla

SWONG: Solar Water Oil & Gas

  Stator slot coupling PD measurement/ Co RSO testing & Tandelta /PF/Capacitance Testing through M/s. Siemens Limited- value of 12 Lakhs.

  Operation and Maintenance work at 1.2MW solar PV plant at Tropical Flavours Pvt Ltd. Through M/s. Bosch Limited-value of 10.25Lakhs.

  Operation and Maintenance work at 1.65 MW solar plant including seasonal tilt through M/s. Bosch Limited-value of 17.5Lakhs

  ICD1- Solar has bagged Order value of Rs.10,20,000 from Bosch Limited

  ICD1- Solar has bagged Order value of Rs.8,52,000 from Bosch Limited

  ICD1- Solar has bagged Order value of Rs.6,14,434 from Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt Ltd.

  ICD1- Solar has bagged Order value of Rs.5,40,000 from Aditya Birla Solar Limited


  HVCP design as per input received for 150kV switch yard 5 Bays, 5Nos. of Marshalling Kiosk design, Variation claim for Increased quantities of Tower and Gantries designs through M/s. LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED - value of 4.60 Lakhs.

  System study, Power distribution design, Electrical equipment Engineering and drawing, cabling design and detailed engineering through M/s. Euroasiatic-value of 40.50 USD

  ICD1- Design has bagged Order value of Rs.4,60,000 from Larsen & Toubro Limited


  Erection, Dismantling and oil filtration of 2 Nos of 250 MVA Transformer and 1 No. 50 MVAR reactor at Tenughat through M/s.Sterling and Wilson Private Ltd-value of 24 Lakhs.

  Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrical passive filter and active filter at NH hospital Jaipur through M/s. Narayana Multispeciality Hospital-value of 11 Lakhs

  ICD1- ATT has bagged Order value of Rs.3,90,000 from M/s.Adarshini Power Limited


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