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Cluster A


   Failure of protection equipment leads to major breakdowns, which will cause huge loss in production as well as damage the system equipment. AMC is just like a periodical health check up to avoid breakdowns and production loss for industries. Such breakdowns can be avoided only through proper maintenance of protective relays and protection schemes.

   Our AMC teams are systematic and reliable, who concentrate on maintenance and testing of all electrical equipment and protection schemes at regular intervals every year to ensure protection healthiness.

   Immediate response to emergency calls, on - line guidance, trouble shooting and gap analysis – these are the special features of our AMC operations.

   We execute maintenance testing of electrical components like CTs, PTs, Lightning Arrestors, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Isolators & Earth Pits. We do testing of protection relays and calibration of meters.

   Our AMC teams are committed to provide quality services with specific standards within the stipulated time period and also reminds the customers at the right time to do AMC, even if the customer fails to forget.

   We provide standard test reports for all electrical components and various electrical schemes by soft copy as well as hard copies as requested by the customers which may useful during inspection by Boards / Authorities and also for future reference and records.

   We are concentrating more on substations, power plants and process industries like Steel, Sugar, Cement, Refinery, Chemical, and Textiles etc. in addition we also extend our AMC services to multistoried building such as Commercial Blocks & Tec park etc.


  Voltech provides high quality service, overhauling and maintenance of Circuit Breakers

  A team of factory as well as site trained personnel’s to attend any kind of repairs and fault rectification work for high tension CBs, medium voltage VCBs, SF6 indoor outdoor breakers and low voltage ACB’s.

Our proficiency of service extends to



  We are doing testing of inbuilt relays of ACB’s for various manufacturers like

L &T – DN1, SR series, UN –RS series

SIEMENS – ETU 15B/25B/27B/45B/76B

ABB – SACE Emax (SACE PRO – 121/122/123 versions)

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC – Micro logic 2.0A/4.0A/5.0A/6.0A

GE – MPRO -17/27/20/30/40/50

  We do retrofitting of protection relays, protection schemes and refurbishment of switchgear.


  VOLTECH has a vast experience in Testing and Commissioning Services was the first Completely independent electrical testing Organization in India .Now we are diversified to the world of Calibration named as Mechanical Electrical Thermal Instruments Calibration Centre – MET ICC a Unit of Voltech Engineers Pvt.Ltd on 21.08.2015.MET ICC will receive an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified and NABL accredited laboratory delivering high precision calibration and measurement service for Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal and Miscellaneous instruments in both lab and site in a cost-effective environment and faster turnaround time. It operates in a wide range of markets including International Airports, Metro Railways, Steel plants, Cement plants, Power plants Thermal, Nuclear & Hydro, oil & Gas Refineries.

MET – INSTRUMENTS CALIBRATION CENTRE – Parameters to be Calibrated

Pressure Sensor Voltage (AC&DC) Temperature Sensor
Remote Diaphragm Current (AC&DC) RTD’s WET & DRY
Pressure & Vacuum Transmitter Resistance Thermocouples
Pressure & Vacuum Compound Capacitance Temperature Gauge
Pressure & Vacuum Switches Insulation resistance Temperature Recorders
Differential Pressure Soil Resistance Temperature Switches
Pressure Regulators & Recorders Frequency Temperature Indicator
I/P,P/I Converter Speed Temperature Controllers
Manometer Timer, Inductance Thermometer


  Pressure Gauge

  Vacuum Gauge

  Pressure Transmitter[Linear]

  Flow Transmitter-Differential Pressure Transmitter[SQRT]]

  Pressure Switch

  Differential Pressure Switch


  I/P Converter

Master Calibrators

  Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator [-1 to 2 Bar]

  Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator [0 to 20 Bar]

  Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator [0-400 Bar]

  Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator [0-700 Bar]



  Winding Resistance Meter

  Earth Resistance Meter

  Tong Tester

  Contact Resistance Meter

  Micro Ohm Meter

  Frequency Generator

  Soil Resistivity Kit

  Timer Kit and Single & Three pole Timer

   Energy Meter ( Single Phase & 3 Phase)

  Relay Test Kit (Up to 100 Amps)

   Leakage Tester (200 mA to 100 A)

   Turns Ratio Kit and Power Quality Analyzer

   Loop Calibrator

   Oil Testing kit

   Tan Delta test kit (Up to 12 KV)

   Vibration Meter

   Watt Meter

Master Equipment’s

   Multi product calibrator

  Multifunction Calibrator

  Insulation Tester Calibrator

  Decade Resistance Box

  Micro-Ohmmeter Calibrator


  All types of Thermocouple

  All types of RTD


  Temperature Transmitter with RTD [or] Thermocouple

  Temperature Switch


  Temperature Gauge

  Temperature Indicator

  Temperature Controller

  Digital Hygro Meter

  Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer


Master Equipment’s

  High Temperature dry block bath [300-1200°C]

   Medium Temperature dry block bath [Ambient -650°C ]

  Low Temperature bath [-40°C to 100°C]


Voltech is a professional service company dedicated to providing complete service for cranes of any make, hoists and related material handling system. We offers complete maintenance services for following Industries,


  Container handling





  Power plant

  Ship yard

  Steel plant

  Waste to energy

Our responsibility does not end with providing maintenance and repair services, but also extends to educating your operations teams in all good & safe practices of crane operations.

Our Service in various type of Cranes

  Work Station Lifting Cranes

  Over Head cranes

  Container Handling Equipment Cranes

  Shipyard Cranes

Our Services Includes

  Inspection and preventive maintenance

  Routine maintenance

  Corrective Maintenance & Retrofits

  Hoist and crane repair

  Wire rope hoist replacement

  Electric chain hoist replacement

Cluster B


  Safe and highly reliable electric power requires careful study of faults with thoughtful application and coordination of protective devices. Our Protection team has the experience needed to design and configure your protection system to perform properly under the most demanding conditions.

  Our team well versed in all types of relays right form older devices to highly integrated IED’s with latest protocols and standards such as IEC 61850. Our team understands the critical nature of electric service and the value of equipment investment. Our experts study the expected performance using an advanced automated test kits and coordinates the devices to clear faults, balancing reliability, dependability, security, and sensitivity. And if your existing system isn’t meeting your safety or dependability needs, we can perform coordination reviews and hazard modification analyses that identify practical, economical, and proven solutions.

Diagnostics & Rotating Machines

  D & RLA performs diagnostics test of electrical equipment provides solution to retain a specimen or restore it to an acceptable condition after analysis.

  RLA improves the performance, reliability and lifetime of an equipment.

  Our diagnostics tools are fully automated and updated with latest technology.

  Tan delta and capacitance measurement kits (DELTA 4100, M4100) of MEGGER and DOBLE manufacturers.

  SFRA (FRAX 101, M5200) of MEGGER and DOBLE manufacturers.

  Circuit Breaker Analyzer (Hisac 2406 & ULTIMA) of SCOPE.

  Dew point Measurement (Alpha moisture-SAP Mini & Vaisala)

  Thermal imager (FLIR T420)

  Power quality/ Harmonics analyzer (Kyoritsu, Fluke)

  Vibration measurement (X- Viber), Noise level Measurement (Lutron)

  ON LINE Leakage Current Analyzer for LA’s (SA 30i)

  Condition monitoring of Rotating Machines

Diagnostic testing of rotating machines:

  ELCID test

  Wedge Knocking / Mapping Test

  Partial discharge

  Pole Drop test

  RSO Test

  NFT test.

  MCSA Analysis.

  Vibration & Noise Analysis.

Automation & Drives

  Voltech’s automation experts makes you stay ahead with the latest technology and enables your plant’s operating environment complying to best Safety standard, Reliable, highly Productive and efficient throughout all season with best economical solution.

  Our customers capitalize on our refined engineering abilities and the deliverables with latest trends and technology up to date till Industrial revolution –IV compatible with Industrial internet of Things (iiot).

  Our Automation team develops solution on the following platform.

1. PLC/ DCS based control systems,

2. VFDs/ Motion control systems,


4. Control panel building etc.

  Voltech automation team is proficient in developing Substation automation with sound protection engineering background, Process automation with good process understanding and developing Special Purpose machineries for customized industrial requirements.

Substation Automation:

   We have got a strong commissioning team presence in pan India having exposure in Siemens SICAM PAS integrating SNMP, Modbus, IEC-61850, IEC-60870- 5-101,103 and 104 protocols in substation control system with variable voltage levels , exclusively dedicated for substation automation along with core protection engineering abilities.

Automation & Drives:

  Our automation services are catered across almost for all industries right from metals & Mining, Paper & pulp, Ports & Material handling and Recycling & Environmental plants in India and International. Our team is capable of handling ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Yaskawa, Delta and Schenider Products.

  Our Drive Team is specialized in handling all ABB ACS 310, ACS 550, ACS 560, AC S800 (LV single Drive), S 880-4XT (LV-Single, Multi and Sectional Drive), ranging from 0.75 kw up to 2000kva,

We extend our services from

1. Design, Engineering & Supply,

2. installation, testing commissioning,

3. Operation & Maintenance,

4. Retrofitting & up gradation, AMC & Services etc.

ICD2 Cluster ‘B’ Team and Equipment Strength:

Team strength:

Division no of engineers
Protections 52
Automation & drives 21
Factory Accepetnce test 15
Diagnostic Testing 40

Equipment Lists:

Equipment types no of Equipments
Tan Delta 12
Relay test kit15
Circuit Breaker Analyser4
DEW Point2
Thermo Vision2

Cluster C


Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd a world Class in security products and solutions technology, to provide reliable and affordable solutions that help protect your buildings, Property and equipment’s. Voltech can integrate key security infrastructure systems, such as life of Home Safety, Access control, digital video prevent and respond to emergency situations. Voltech team having technical experts to provides better Solution in Electronic Safety & Security Systems.

Our proficiency of service extends to

Automated Gate Systems.

Automated Barrier Gates, Spike Road Blocker, Tripods & Flap Barriers.


Biometric Digital Door Lock Systems.

Biometric Access Control with Time & Attendance Systems.

CCTV Surveillance with Analogue & Digital Systems.

City Surveillance.

Digital Keypad Door Lock Systems.

Epabx & Ipabx Analogue & Digital Systems.

Face Identity Access Control with Time & Attendance Systems.

Fire Alarm Analogue & Digital Systems.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems.

Home & Office Automation Systems.

Intruder Alarm Wired & Wireless Systems.

Optic fiber communications

Smart Card Reader’s, RFID Card’s, MIFARE Card’s, Proximity Card’s & Magnetic Strip Card’s.


1. NPCIL Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

2. Chennai and Madurai High Court through Prahar

3. L&T(Mumbai Smart City)

4. BGR Energy System Limited.

5. Bits Pilani

6. Daimler – Perungudi

Power System Training

Voltech realizes the future of the industries through quality engineers, thus empowering the aspirants into complete engineer on the field of power system protection and technology.

Voltech offers specialized designed packages/course modules on our training program, meeting all the industrial standards. Voltech also customizes course both On site and Off site modules upon specific requirements.

We are equipped with

Work station.

Equipped with latest software tools

ABB RED 670 relay- Current Differential with distance protection.

Siemens 72J603 relay – Multifunction with Bay Control Unit

Siemens 7UT612 relay – Transformer Differential

Areva P343 relay – Generator Protection

VAMP 40 relay – Feeder Protection

Voltech Centre of Excellence

Voltech COE uses its industrial expertise in developing State of Art Electrical lab facility for institutions.

COE courses are tailored made for the institution on Switchgear, Protection, Automation, Transformer, Design, Safety and Solar modules to meet the industrial requirements.


Voltech Centre of Excellence is Skill development Hub in your Region.

Knowledge transfer of industrial expertise when you have CoE.

Exposer to current technology in the field of Electrical.

Hands on exposer would make your student a credible Engineer.

Product of your institution would be stand out when compare to others.

Voltech facilitate guest lecture and workshop.

Voltech Centre of Excellence generates revenue.

Voltech creates a gateway for Employment.


PSNA College of Engineering and Technology,Dindigul.

Cathodic Protection

Implementation of Special Engineering Technic to control corrosion & protection for decades deployed in large below ground Pipe lines, Tanks, Vessels and Metallic structures prone to harsh locations in compliance to International Standards.

Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The three major functions of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are interrelated, especially with the need to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality within reasonable installation, operation, and maintenance costs. HVAC systems can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. HVAC systems can provide ventilation, and maintain pressure relationships between spaces.

Voltech Specialized in undertaking AMC, O&M, Retrofit works and Projects pertaining to comprehensive maintenance of various Industries such as Power Plants, Process Plants, Oil & Gas, Commercial, Residential and Hospitals of large Air-conditioning & Ventilation systems in compliance with International Standards..

Major Credential

6x600MW - KSK Mahanadhi thermal power plant

ACC cement - Chandrapur

Vedanta – Lanjigarh

Daimler – Perungudi

Retrofitting & Refurbishment

Retrofitting can improve a system’s overall functionality by using advanced and updated equipment and technology.

Voltech experts are efficient in reviving your ailing outdated electrical systems with latest technology. Reviving isn’t only about the technology up gradation but also aiding efficacy through system performance with highest safety standard practice and meeting future industrial demands with our far-sighted design capabilities.

We are majorly retrofitting

   • Switch Gear panels

   • Control and Relay Panel

   • Protection and Auxiliary Relays

Major Credential

Jindal Steel Works, Selam- Switchgear Retrofitting

Suzlon Energy – CRP Retrofitting



New Orders

  McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd – Testing of relays – INR 2,83,200/-

  ECO Power Services – Testing of relays using 3Ph secondary injection relay test kit – INR 55,000/-

  Vedansh Infra Services Pvt Ltd - Testing of electrical equipments – INR 1,526,452.72/-

  BPCL – Piyala - Testing of Protection Relays INR 42,598/-

  Hindustan Zinc Limited - Online Energy Meter Calibration – Received as ARC

  Cairn India Ltd - Testing of electrical equipments – Received as ARC

  Rajshree Cement - Testing of Protection Relays – INR 226,737/-

  INOX Air Products Ltd - Testing of electrical equipments – INR 99,120/-

  Turbo Engineering Services – Manpower to attend HVAC activites round clock basis – INR 16481400/-

  NPCIL, Kudankulam – Telecom Maintenance – INR 1,13,14,809/-

  Sathlokhar Synergy Pvt Ltd – Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance & Access control – INR 13,26,210/-

  BITS PILANI - Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance – INR 2,90,224/-

  AD2Pro Media Solutions Pvt Ltd – AMC for CCTV & Access control

  Daimler India Commercial vehicles Pvt Ltd - AMC for CCTV & Access control


List of Clients

Combined Cycle Power Plants

   Ratnagiri Gas Power Plant Ltd,2150MW

   Aban Power Company Ltd,120MW

   BSES Kerala Power ltd,Cochin,165MW

   Reliance Infrastructure Ltd,Samalkot,220MW

   Essar Power Ltd,Surat,2X600MW

   PPN Power generating Company P.ltd,Thirukadaiyur

   Spectrum Power Generation Pvt Ltd, 2x60MW

Hydro Power Plants

   20 MW, R.K Powergen private Ltd, Hiriyur.

   Likimro 25MW Hydro Power Plant, Nagaland

   1.5 MW,KT Hydro Power Plant, Misoram

   2X1.5MW TP Hydro Power Plant ,Misoram

Biomass Power plants

   Sri Sasthaa Energy Pvt Ltd, Vazapanthal

  Raghu Rama Renewable Energy Ltd,18MW,Paramakudi

Nuclear Power Plants

   NPCIL,2X540MW,unit 3&4-TAPP,Tarapur

  NPCIL,2X220MW,unit 1&2-Kaiga,Karnataka

Thermal power Plants

   STCMS 250MW Power Plant, Neyveli

  Imperial Fastners Pvt Ltd,2X10MW CPP, Bokaro, Jharkhand

  Jindal Steel & Power Ltd


  KSK Wardha Power

  Bokaro Power Supply Co. Ltd

  JSW Energy Ltd

Sugar Factories

  Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd, Nanjangud

  Sakthi Sugars Ltd, Sivaganga

  Rajshree Sugars &Chemicals Ltd, Theni, Gingee, Mundiayambakkam

  The Mysore Sugar Co.Ltd, Mandya

  K. R. RamasamyCO-Operative Sugar Mills Ltd, Thalainayar

  E.I.D Parry Ltd, Pudukottai, Pettavaithalai, Pugalur

  Ambika Sugars, Pennadam, Virudhacalam


  I.O.C.L, Mathura, Panipet, Digboi, Paradip.

  Cairn Energy India (Pty) Ltd - Barmer

  Madras Refineries Ltd, Nagapattinam

  Cochin Refineries Ltd, Cochin

  Reliance Petro Chemicals Ltd

  Haldia Petro Chemicals Ltd, Haldia

  IBP Co.Ltd, Nagapattnam

  HPCL, Mangalore

  CPCL, Chennai.

Cement Plants

   ACC Cements, Kymore/ Chaibasa/ Jamul/ Madukkarai/ Chandrapur /Surajpur

  Ambuja Cements Ltd, Unit-Farakka(West Bengal)

  Ultratech Cements Ltd, Unit – Awarpur (Maharastra), Arakkonam

  Malabar Cements(Kerala)

  Birla Ultra blue cements –Hirmi, Tadipatri

  The India Cements

  Kalyanpur Cements(Bihar)

  Madras Cements –R. R. Nagar, Alathiyur

Chemicals Plants

   DCW Ltd,Sahupuram

   OWENS- Brockway(India),Pondy

  MRF Kottayam,Arakkonam&chennai



  L&T Glass Works,Nasik

  Tanfac Industries Ltd,Cuddalore

  Hindustan Zinc Ltd,Visakhapatnam,Chittorgarh

  The Madras Aluminium Co.Ltd,Mettur



  Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd,Gujarat

  PetroAralditePvtLtd, manali –Chennai

Steel Plants

  SunflagIron&Steel Co,-Bhandra Road(Maharahstra)

  Tata Iron& Steel Co Ltd,Sonadhi

  Mandovi pellets Ltd,Goa

  Jindal Steel & Iron Co.PvtLtd,Kuttikkatur

  Bhushan Steel& Strips Ltd,Sahibabad

  Jsw Steel Limited,Salem

  Essar Steels Ltd,Kirandul

  Hothur Steels Ltd – Bellary


  The Lakshmi Mills,Kovilpatti,Coimbature

   GTN textiles,Aluva,Kerala


  Loyal Textiles,Kovilpatti,Tamilnadu

  Gokak Mills,Belgaum



  Kitex Garments Ltd,Kochi-kerala

  Raymonds Ltd – Borgan (MP)

Airports/Seaports And Paper Mill

   Airport Authority of India Ltd,Cochin

  Banglore International Airport,Devanhalli,Bangaluru

  Mumbai Port trust,Mumbai,Maharashtra

  Andhrapradesh Paper Mills Ltd-CPP

  Sainsons Paper Ltd ,Haryana

  IGAP – Delhi

Other customers

  Blue star




  L & T




  Level one










  Borh Warner





International Customers



  Wataniya Telecom





  Aban Power Company Ltd - Relay Testing, Tandelta Measurement works and repairing of protection relays.

  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Physical inspection, maintenance, testing, calibration and co-ordination of relays AFF, BATC, Tarapur

  BSES Kerala Power Limited – Testing, Programming and commissioning of various types of digital, numerical and Electro – mechanical relays

  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited – Testing and Calibration of Relays

  BGR Energy Systems Limited - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 100 Cameras.

  BorgWarner Morse Systems India (P) Ltd - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning CCTV Cameras.

  Budding Minds International School - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning EPABX & CCTV.

  Cairn India Ltd – Commissioning of Electrical Equipments at AWPS

  Chennai and Madurai High court – Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 250 Cameras & its accessories.

  DCW Limited – Testing and Calibration of various types of protection and auxiliary relays and energy meters

  Daimler Financial Services India Private Limited – AMC for Access Control System, CCTV, Public Address System.

  FAERY ESTATES PRIVATE LIMITED - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning CCTV Cameras.

  Global Analytics India Pvt Ltd - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning CCTV Cameras.

  Indian Oil Corporation Limited – Testing of Protection system of electrical feeders & Installation & commissioning of Relays in HT & LT panel at Mathura refinery

  Indian Oil Corporation Limited – Testing and calibration of electrical equipment at Digboi Refinery

  JSW Steel Limited – Trouble Shooting, relay testing, testing of transformers

  JSW Steel Limited – On Site Protection Training

  KSA Powerinfra Pvt Ltd - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning CCTV Cameras.

  L&T Hyderabad City Surveillance Project – Testing & commissioning of CCTV Camera.

  L&T Mumbai City Surveillance Project – Commissioning of around 5000 Cameras & Maintenance.

  My Home Power consultancy Service Ltd – Overhauling, Servicing and Testing of Breakers

  Malabar Cements Ltd – Overhauling of EE make ACB’s & L&T make ACB’s

  NPCIL - KKNPP site & Township Operational and Maintenance support for Communication network, PA and CCTV systems at 2x1000MW.

  Ratnagiri Gas & Power Pvt Ltd – Electrical Testing Services for Power Block and Switchyard in Power plant

  Southern Railway – Overhauling of VCB’s

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K. S. V. Vijayan - IC Head    Executive Director


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K. Ramesh - Head (Cluster A)    Dy. General Manager


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A. Rajarajan- Head (Cluster B)    Dy. General Manager

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L. T. Arjun Raja- Head (Cluster C)    Sr. Manager

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