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Instrumentation Division is being promoted to provide total C&I Solutions and Stops the customer for hunting. We have excellent, experienced and committed team to cater the customer to their expectations in providing total C&I Solution for all process industrial segments for construction and commissioning supervision services and also taking up challenging construction projects in various industries like Refineries, Oil & gas, Steel, WTP, Cement, Fertilizers, Hydrocarbons, Sugar and Power Plants.

We have field instrument Portable Calibrators like Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pressure, Dry Block Temperature bath, Multifunction Calibrator, Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump, Ultrasonic Flow Comparator, Thermocouple and RTD Simulators with National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration laboratories [NABL] Calibration Certificates.

We are providing the services as below

Installation, Erection, Pre-commissioning and commissioning

  Erection of PLCs, IOs, SIS, ESDs, Analysers, Controllers and Sub control systems.

  Installation of field instruments like Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow and Analytical instruments.

  Laying of Trays, Impulse piping and Instrument airline tubing.

  Laying and clamping of control and conventional/communication cables same doing gland and termination.

  Commissioning and Calibration of Control valves and Electrical/Pneumatic Actuator.

  Commissioning of various Smart (Profibus DP&PA, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus) and HART instruments.

  Pre-commissioning activities.

  DCS & PLC Hardware and Software Development and commissioning.

Technical manpower support for Erection and Commissioning

  Deputation of engineers, Supervisors, technicians and skilled manpower’s to carryout erection and commissioning activities such as Construction Planning, Execution, supervision and Support for Pre-commissioning, commissioning services to Industries like Oil Gas, Petrochemical, Cements, Power sectors, Steel plants, Etc.

  Deputation of Engineers, supervisors and technicians to carryout maintenance services such as periodic maintenance, shutdown maintenance, Break down maintenance.

AMC Services (Annual maintenance contract)

  Day to day Operation and Maintenance of the services for field instruments.

  Complete plant staffing.

  Planned and unplanned maintenance services.

  Shut down support.

  Retrofitting/revamping jobs for PLC Panels like IO Panels, ESD, SIS, Controllers, Analysers panels in shut down period.

  Retrofitting/revamping jobs for Field instruments like Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow and Analytical instruments

Mechanical (Pressure)

We are offering a quality approved assortment of Pressure Sensor Calibration Services to our valuable customer. High grade material is used in the execution of the offered services with the assistance of highly skilled and trained professionals. Our offered services are executed in line with the defined industry norms to follow the ongoing market trends and technology. Apart from this we are offering these services at economical price.


At Lab & Site


  Vacuum : (-0.95 bar to 0 bar)

  Pressure : ( 0 to 2 bar)

  Pressure : ( 0 to 20 bar)

  Pressure : ( 0 to 35 bar)


  Pressure : ( 0 to 400 bar)

  Pressure : ( 0 to 700 bar)


Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

Bourdon Type Gauges, Diaphragm Type Gauges, Capsule Type Gauges, Liquid Filled Gauges, Compact Type Gauges,Differential Type Gauges

Pressure & Vacuum Transmitter

Pneumatic smart Pressure Transmitter, Electronic Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter[Linear & Square Root],Draft Pressure Transmitter


Electro Mechanical Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Switches Bourdon Tube Switches. Diaphragm Piston (Dia-Seal Piston) Switches, Piston Switches & Solid -State Pressure Switches.

Manometer & I/P Converter

Digital & Analog Manometer and I/P Converters


  Analog Master Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

  Digital Master Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

  Vacuum Calibrator

  Pneumatic Small Pressure Calibrator

  Pneumatic Medium Pressure Calibrator

  Hydraulic High Pressure Calibrator


Low Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator

  Make : GE - Druck

   Model : PACE 1000/DPI611-13G

Vacuum Calibrator

  Make : GE - Druck /DPI611-13G

   Model : PACE 1000

Medium Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator

   Make : GE - Druck

  Model : PACE 1000/DPI611-13G

High Pressure Hydraulic Calibrator

   Make :GE - Druck

   Model : PACE 1000/DPI611-13G

Dead Weight Tester

   Make : Nagman

   Model :H3000 Series

Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

   Make : Nagman

   Model : GCH700SP

Digital Master Pressure Gauge


   Model : DPI 104


We are providing various electrical calibrations Services Accredited By NABL and well maintained calibration laboratory for calibration. With Defect free and high standard calibrated instruments to provide the accurate and quality services. Also having experienced manpower for execution of this job.


Parameters/Ranges At Lab & Site

   AC Voltage : 1mV to 1000V @ 40Hz to 10kHz

   DC Voltage:1mV to 1000V

   DC Current:1µA to 1000A

   AC Current:200µA to 1000A

   DC High Current:20A to 1000A

   AC High Current:20A to 1000A @50Hz

   DC Low Resistance :1µΩ to 20mΩ

   Resistance:1Ω to 1GΩ

   Insulation:1MΩto100GΩ Resistance

  Frequency :10Hz to 10MHz

  Speed :240RPM to 60000RPM

  Capacitance:1nF to 10µF

  Inductance :1mH to 1H

  Power Factor/ :@ 50 Hz

  Phase Angle 0.5 LD to 0.5 LG

  Capacitance & :100 PF, 0.002%

  Tan Delta to 5% Up to

  (Dissipation [email protected]



Parameter/Ranges At Lab & Site

  AC Voltage : 0.5mV to 1000V @50Hz

  DC Voltage : 1mV to 1000V

  DC Current : 100µA to 20A

  AC Current :10µA to 20A @50Hz

  DC High Voltage : 1kV to 40kV

  AC High Voltage : 1kV to 28kV

  Resistance : 1Ω to 100MΩ

  Insulation : 10S to 1.65Hrs Resistance

  Frequency :10Hz to 80MHz


Parameter/Ranges At Lab & Site

AC POWER(ACTIVE/ [email protected],0.5 REACTIVE/ PF-UPF /APPARENT)1ϕ&3ϕ


Measuring/TEST instruments

DC/AC Voltage

3.5 to 6.5 Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter,Clampmeter, Digital & Analog Voltmeter, Digital Panel meter, Motor Checker and Transducers, High voltage Test Kit(Hi-Pot)

DC/AC current

3.5 to 6.5 Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter, Digital & Analog Ammeter, Clamp meter, Current Transformer and Transducers

DC Low Resistance

Digital Micro Ohm Meter,Contact Resistance Meter


3.5 to 6.5 Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter, Clamp meter, Earth Resistance Tester, LCR meter

Insulation Resistance

Insulation Resistance Tester or Megger


Multimeter, Frequency Counter, Multifunction Calibrator


Photo Tachometer


Multimeter,LCR Meter


  Multiproduct Calibrator

  Multifunction Calibrator

  Decade Resistance Box

  Digital Timer

  Energy Meter Calibrator

  Frequency Counter

  HV Probe

  Tan Delta Calibrator


Electro Technical

Multiproduct Calibrator with current coil Adaptor & Tachometer Adaptor

  Make : Transmile

  Model : 3010A

6.5 Digital Multimeter

  Make :Keysight

   Model :34461A

Insulation Tester Calibrator

  Make : Time Electronics

  Model : 5069

Ductor Tester Kelvin Bridge Micro Ohm Meter Calibrator

   Make : Vaiseshika

  Model : 9409-CAL

Decade Resistance Box

   Make : Vaiseshika

  Model : 7400

Digital Timer

   Make : Beltronics

   Model : 501

Energy Meter Calibrator

   Make : Doble

   Model : F6150

Frequency Counter

   Make : Keysight

   Model : 53210A

HV Probe

  Make : Agilent

  Model : 34136A

Tan Delta Calibrator

   Make :Power Electronical

   Model : PE-CALCDF-100

Thermal (Temperature)

We provide services for Thermal Calibration at diverse range With extensive support and assistance of skilled Engineers. And offer high quality at lab & site thermal calibration services to the customers. Our calibration services are offered with the aid of latest testing tools to display exact parameters of the tested object

Parameter/ Range

At Lab

Low Temperature :(-40 to 100°C)

At Site

Low Temperature :(-10 to 100°C)

At Lab & Site

Medium Temperature:(100 to 600°C)

High Temperature : (600 to 1200°C)

Field /TEST Instruments


  Pt/Ni/Cu -2,3&4 wire




Temperature Gauges

  Rigid Stem/Capillary-Bimetal Dial Thermometer, Liquid Fill Dial Thermometer, Gas Filled Dial Thermometer and Mercury in Steel Thermometers

Temperature Indicator/Controllers

  Digital Temperature Indicators & Controllers with & without sensor ,Recorders and Switches

Temperature Transmitter

  Electronic /SMART (Digital) Transmitter with & without Sensor


Temperature Calibrator

  Low Temperature dry bath calibrator

  Low Temperature Liquid bath calibrator

  Medium Temperature Dry bath calibrator

  High Temperature Dry bath calibrator

Master Temperature Indicator & controller Std reference RTD’s Std reference Thermocouple with CJC

Standard Instruments Used for Calibration


Standard Reference RTD

  Make : Ametek /ASP Sensor

   Model : STS 100B901/SSP670

Standard Reference Thermocouple with CJC

   Make : Isotech / TMS Europe

   Model : S type – 1600/S type

Sub Zero Temperature Dry Bath Calibrator

   Make : Nagman

   Model : MTC 40

Sub Zero Liquid Temperature bath Calibrator

   Make : Southern Scientific

   Model : SSI CS01

Medium Temperature Dry Bath Calibrator

   Make : Nagman

   Model : MTC 650

High Temperature Dry Bath Calibrator

   Make : Nagman

   Model : MTC 1200

Standard Temperature Indicator with Multi Channel

   Make : Isotech

   Model : Millik

Standard Multi Function Calibrator

   Make : Eurotron

   Model : Microcal 2000+


  We bagged an order from M/s. Aarkay Instruments Pvt Ltd., for Erection & Instrumentation work at B-193 Process platform under Bassien Development 3 well platform & Pipeline project at Mumbai, value of Rs.53.10L

  We have received an order from M/s. Inox Air Products Pvt Ltd, for installation & instrumentation of Material Project at Sriperumbudur, Value of Rs. 16,81L

  We have received an order from M/s. Thermax Ltd, Sathupally for Supply, Calibration and Instrumentation for 1x4MW, Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Unit#2, Chintampalli, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh for the value of Rs. 25.96L

  ABB – Barauni -Supervision of C&I Works - Rs. 7,78,800.00/-

  SAP India Enterprises – Calibration of field Instrumentation – Rs. 1,00,300.00/-

  ABB – Supervision of RTU Panel Installation & Commissioning at Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab locations – Rs. 6,69,060/-


MET Instruments Calibration Centre

Certified by ISO/IEC-17025:2005


About Our Customers

IC-C&I is committed to provide timely, reliable and dependable calibration services to meet customers’ requirements by following good professional practices as detailed in Quality Manual in line with ISO/IEC 17025:2005. IC-C&I has dedicated Quality system ensures to provide the highest quality support and the highest laboratory standard of service. IC-C&I is compliant with Government and International standards and committed to continually improve the Effectiveness of the Management System.

Our Clients

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