Women Empowerment

Establishing a high-level corporate leadership for gender equality. Promoting Women to higher level positions. Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all women employees.

Developing an equal and empowered society

Poverty - and the conditions that lead to it - is dependent on a multitude of causes, ranging from economic and political to social and cultural. According to World Bank data, the global poverty rate has fallen steadily over the last 25 years. However, India is still grappling with the critical challenge of rural poverty that impacts millions of Indians. The Voltech Group aims to create robust livelihood opportunities to enable households to earn more, and lead healthier lives. Families in rural areas find it tough to break out of the cycle of poverty, primarily because a majority of Indian agriculture-based incomes continue to be dependent on the monsoons. Additionally, poor soil conditions, minimal use of modern farming methods, lack of systematic irrigation facilities, absence of post-harvest facilities and sustainable market linkages combine to put farm-based income generation capabilities in jeopardy.

To develop an equal and empowered society, it is imperative that a country includes the poorest of the poor in its growth story, which is why the Voltech Group have identified the development of rural livelihoods as a focus area for rural development.