The Voltech group adopted a village called Vazhur and providing them education & medical facilities to all the people for free of cost.

Investing in India’s Future - Rural Infrastructure Initiatives

VOLTECH’s CSR Policies have been drafted and implemented with great care and deliberation, in order to achieve measured outcomes without any dilution or lack of zeal. To this end, VOLTECH has actively adopted Vazhur Village of Vandavasi Thaluk of Thiruvannamalai in 2014, in order to provide 5 basic amenities for the people of Vazhur including Water, Electricity, Sanitation, Medical Service & Education.

Vazhur was selected particularly considering its distressed levels of infrastructure and neglect, and is being developed as a model township with more villages being identified along the way. VOLTECH instills in its staffs across all levels, the passion for a vibrant and socially sensitive community through rural sensitization. The VOLTECH community actively participates at every step of the way, in breaking down socio-cultural, socio-ethnic and class-based barriers to foster bonds of brotherhood.