HR- About Us

  VOLTECH HR department was constituted by the Managerial Committee to address the skill deficit that the industry is facing from graduates in the field of Engineering and allied sciences. In true abidance with Indian ethos, VOLTECH group considers its human capital as an investment which increases in value over time rather than as a resource for pure commercial exploitation. This stands true in the face of the enormous attrition that its competitors witness every year. VOLTECH’s employees are committed to the organization, and are partakers in its every successful endeavour.

  The HR Department, branched into various sub-sections within its prestigious divisions, covers the entire industry in its search and acquisition of skillsets, and boasts an enviable presence among Employment Portals. Every year, it recruits and trains thousands of prospective graduates across its many divisions, as well as for employment overseas.

HR Intiatives

  Every year, HR-Department alone trains close to 4 batches, on a 30 day in-house programme, followed by a written test, and subsequent deployment in field. Candidates who do not meet these requirements are given further training and mentoring before they are inducted. The HR-D team ensures close to 100% induction rate for shortlisted candidates.

The HR-D team comprises of 15 specialists whose areas of interest focuses the training efforts across 8 key areas

  Stress Management

  First Aid Training

  Safety Training

  Environmental Management & Conservation





  In addition to its skill-development activities, the employees are periodically provided with refresher course as well as new training programmes to keep them at the cusp of every new technological breakthrough in the industry. It is a direct consequence of these efforts that has seen its most tangible results in the commercial and technological successes that VOLTECH’s Engineering and Renewable Energy divisions have enjoyed in the recent years.

  The HR Department mentors individual trainees, with the active involvement of the heads of various divisions, who are among the most elite and experienced professionals within the field. VOLTECH employees are not just exposed to the domestic market, but are also brand ambassadors for the company in more than the two dozen locations where its presence is felt, from the far-east, to the near east and Africa, as well as continental Europe.

Training & Devlopment

  The HR Department of VOLTECH selects, recruits, trains and mentors skilled candidates through one of the most rigorous and painstaking process of employment within the industry. Each candidate is assessed based on a number of parameters, and is mandatorily passed through several levels of interviews with every department of the organization before his recruitment. The HR Department of VOLTECH is one of the most innovative departments among corporate houses, adhering to the most stringent norms and standards established within the industry.

  Every training programme is ISO-Certified, and is considered the benchmark in the industry, and potential trainees are recruited on the basis of references from company employees, wel-wisher and campus interview from various colleges. The training programmes are conducted at two locations, at VOLTECH Techno Park in Kovur, and the VOLTECH Eco Tower in Ayyapanthangal. The VOLTECH Techno Park facility has a capacity to train 100 students in a batch at a single time, and has three full-time managers, and a rigorous curriculum vetted by Quality Control

Working with VOLTECH

  It always gives employee lot of pleasure to stay with Voltech family and here we say it us a family since the employee feel so secured with the job and easy adoptable to work culture and environment provided by Voltech.