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M/S. Voltech Product and Services Ltd (Zambia)


List of projects

  Successfully commissioned 125MVA Transformer at Lusaka West and New Mumbwa substations


  220/11kV substation in LUELA, Cosak

  330/132/33kV substation in Lusaka west extension & New Mumbwa

  132/33kV Figtree & Chibombo substation .

Power Plants

  Testing and Commissioning of 66KV/11KV Substations like Control panels, Synchronizing scheme, Control & Protection Scheme checking, for Kanona, Southern Africa Ferro Alloys Limited -Zambia Through M/s. Sri Kameswari Enterprises -India

Service Jobs Executed in Zambia

  Customer : M/s. ZESCO ltd

  Country : Zambia

  Substation : Zesco Substation

  Voltage level : 33/11 Kv substation

  Activities : Testing and commissioning

  Status : Completed

  Customer : M/s. Kraft Export Ltd

  Country : Zambia

  Substation : Zesco Substation

  Voltage level : 33 Kv Substation

  Activities : Testing and commissioning

  Status : Completed

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New orders

New order

  Order received from M/s. GE, Zambia for commissioning of 330kV ZESCO substation at Muzumba and Kafue Town.



  M/s. Southern Africa Ferro Alloys Limited.

  M/s. Angelique international Limited


M. Malarmannan   Country Manager

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