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M/S. Electest Services Indonesia

Voltech has established its wing in Indonesia as well to serve better locally and efficiently. Electest Services Indonesia was established in 2016 to provide our specialized service in Testing & Commissioning of Electrical equipment up to 765kV System.


Process Plants

  Installation Supervision, Commissioning, Start up, Hand Over and Operation Test of 415V Panels at PT WASCO Engineering-TEN Tullow Ehouse Module Project at Indonesia

  Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Transformer ,LV & HV Panel at PT Pindo Deli Tissue Machine- Pulp & Paper Mill at Indonesia

  500 MW Fast Power Project at Indonesia

  Erection Coordination 33kV,12kV & 6.6kV LV at PT Pindo Deli-PDTM Karawang project at Indonesia

  Banyu Urip Project-EPC1

  33kV/6.6kV/690V LV & MV Motor,Transformer ,LV & MV Drives at Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI)Project-Asia Pulp & Paper Mill at Indonesia

List of projects

S.No Project Name Client Substation Level Nature of Job
1 TEN Tullow Ehouse Module project PT. WASCO ENGINEERING INDONESIA 415V Panels a. Battery Charger: Installation supervision, Commissioning, startup, hand over & OT (operation test) b. NGR: Installation supervision, Commissioning, startup, hand over & OT c. Capacitor Bank: : Installation supervision, startup, hand over & OT d. DTP panel: : Installation supervision, Commissioning, startup, hand over & OT e. GIS panels: : Installation supervision, Commissioning, startup, hand over & OT
2 Tissue Machine - 61 Electrification Work, PT Pindo Deli, Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Mill, PERAWANG - Village.RIAU, INDONESIA. MILL SITE ADDRESS.PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk,Jl Raya inas Perawang KM - 26,Desa Pinang Sebatang Kec. Tualang,Kab Siak, Provinsu Riau. 33/415 KV Total No. of Machines - TM -61, 62 , 71, 72, 81 , 82 - 6 Nos.Each Machine having 5 No of Transformers.2 Nos of Smart MCC Panels & 2 Nos of Capacitor Bank Panels.And also for Stock Preparation - 2 Transformers. - 4 Nos of Smart MCC Panels & 4 Nos of Capacitor Bank Panels10 MVA / 33 KV / 3.45 KV - 2 TRANSFORMERS to be energized..TM - 61 - COMPLETED...STOCK PREPARATION TESTING WORK GOING ON......TM - 62 - WORKS STARTED.......
3 Indonesia Fast Power Project PT PLN - Perusahaan Listrik Negara Electric Company, Batam 500MW Erection Co-ordination and Testing & Commissioning Services
4 BANYU URIP (CEPU) PROEJECT - EPC1 END USER :  MOBILE CEPU LIMITED ( MCL)MAIN CONTRACTOR :  PT.  TRIPATRA Engineers And Constructors _ Voltech engineer , will be representing ABB for the MV Switchgear for the scope of Installation Supervision for Substation Tag Names : PB-18, PB-19, PB-24 , PB-32 and PB-34 and Testing & Pre- commissioning activity Supervision.For MV SWGR Substations ( PB-12 , PB-23) once Mechanical Punch list is cleared by our PTABB Engineers ( ABB Indonesian MV team) then your engineer shall do the Testing & Pre-commissioning for these substation (PB-23 & PB-12) . Note : For PB-12 & PB-05 supporting documents shall be provided in follow up via e-mail.
5 Jambi Project Mill Perawang, Land Mark : Sumatra Island 33KV 8 Tissue Machines & Stock Preparation & Sub Station
6 Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) Project Asia Pulp and Paper 33kv, 6.6kv. 690V 33kV GIS, 6kVAIS, LV & MV Motor, Transformers, LV & MV drives, LV MCC, cables, cable trays
7 PDTM Karawang Project PT Pindo Deli, Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Mill 33KV,12KV & 6.6KV Erection coordination


  Order received from M/s. Euroasiatic Machinery (S) PTE LTD ,Singapore for the supply of Transformer, HT and LT Panel and Electrical Design and Detail Engineering activities for 2*7.5 MW Cogeneration Power Palnt at Kalimantan, Indonesia

  Order received from PT Grid Solution , Indonesia for Testing & Commissioning of 275/150/20kV Substation in Sumut 3 Project at Medan, Indonesia

  Order received from PT INTI Karya Persada Tehnik , Indonesia for Contract Engineer of Synthetic Rubber Plant, Silegon , Indonesia

  Order received from PT. Inhil Sarimas Kelapa, Indonesia for Testing of 15MW Generator

  Order received from PT INDO Bharat Rayon , Indonesia for Testing of 565 numbers of Numerical Relays

  Order received from PT ABB Sakthi Industries ,Indonesia for the supply of AC and DC Test bench



  PT Euroasiatic Jaya, Indonesia

  PT Grid Solution , Indonesia

  PT INTI Karya Persada Tehnik , Indonesia

  PT. Inhil Sarimas Kelapa, Indonesia

  PT INDO Bharat Rayon , Indonesia

  PT ABB Sakthi Industries ,Indonesia

  M/S. ABB Pte Ltd.Singapore

  M/S. Alstom Grid

  M/S. PT ABB Sakti


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