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M/S. Voltech Singapore Pte.Ltd

  Singapore being a gate way to Asia Pacific Region and heart of ASEAN countries is a hub of world’s premier electrical projects through prime Electrical EPCM companies. Voltech has established its wing in Singapore as well to serve better locally and efficiently. Voltech Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 2012 to provide our specialized service in Testing and Commissioning of Electrical equipment up to 765KV System.


Water System

  Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipments 220/11KV Sub station and 500 MLD Desalination plant at Algeria

  Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipments Sub station and 70 MGD Desalination plant- Singapore

Oil & Gas Fields Services

  Singapore Liquid and Natural Gas Terminal 66kV/6.6kV LV Electrical Packages at Singapore

  6.6kV/420V LV Switchgear at PNG LNG –EPC4 Project at Papua New Guinea


  Design Work for 275/33kV Lachau Substation at Malaysia

  66kV/22kV/6.6kV LV –Tembusu Multi Utilities Complex Project at Singapore

  132kV Lachau Project at Thailand

  13.8/6.6kV Switchyard equipments- Cosco Shipyard,Dalian Port, China

  500kV Thai Gulf Nong Saeng Project site at Thailand

  110/6.6kV Substation in Hatian, Vietnam

  110/22/11kV Substation in Macau, China

Power Plant

  Keppel Merlimau Cogen 230kV GIS at Singapore

  Banyan Sembcogen CCP3 Power Plant 230kV GIS Project at Singapore

  Biomass Clean Coal (BMCC) Cogeneration Project at Singapore

  33kV Hlawga Site (88T) Powerplant project at Myanmar

  2*500MW Keppel Power Plant at Singapore

  1*22.5MW STA Power Plant at Sabah Forest Industries at Malaysia

  2x300MW TPP and 220kV Outdoor Switchyard Commissioning. Overall Stability and short circuit Test And EDC System, Vietnam

  9.9MW Bio Mass Powerplant, Ayyothiya, Thailand

Process Plants

  Electrical Installation of Transformer, LT & HV at PT PINDO DELI PULP AND PAPER MILLS. Indonesia through ABB Singapore

  70MGD Desalination Plant 66kV/22kV/6.6kV LV- Electrical & Drives Systems at Singapore

  Testing and Commissioning of Panels and Protection relays –Agus2 Site Minddano project at Philippines

  Testing and Commissioning of Panels – BANYU URIP (CEPU) Project at Indonesia

  Testing and Commissioning of LV ,MV SWGRs, Bus-ducts & Transformers on Cast Resin bust-duct –EI Angola project at Singapore

  Testing and Commissioning of 33kV GIS, 6kV AIS, LV & MV Motor, Transformers, LV & MV Drives, LV MCC , Cables, Cable Trays –Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) Project at Indonesia


  A premium work order for annual rate contract from M/S Alstom Grid Pte-Singapore


New orders

  Order received from M/s. Asia Power Quality Electric Co. Ltd ,Myanmar for the supply of 33KV Incoming Line feeder Control and Relay Panel

  Order received from M/s. GE Power Taiwan Ltd, Taiwan for Testing & Commissioning of HT and LT Panels at Taiwan

  Order received from PT ABB Sakthi Industries, Indonesia for Testing & Commissioning of kV Substation in Banggai Ammonia Plant at Luwuk, Indonesia

  Order received from GE Grid Solution , Singapore for relay Testing of 2*300MW Mariveles Coal Fired power Plant at Mariveles, Philippines

  Order received from M/s. ABB PTE LTD, Singapore for Testing & Commissioning and Installation of 230KV Bay Substation of 500MLD –Water Desalination Plant Project ,Magtaa at Algeria

  Order received from M/s. ALSTOM GRID, Indonesia for Testing & Commissioning of 150KV Substation in Sarulla Geothermal Project at Indonesia

  Order received for Testing & Commissioning of 3.3KV,6.6KV,690V Substation in OKI Project through M/s. ABB PTE.LTD, Singapore at Palembang, Indonesia

  Order received from M/s. ALSTOM GRID, Indonesia for Site Management of 150/11.5 kV Substation at Indonesia for Fast Power Project



  M/s. Asia Power Quality Electric Co. Ltd ,Myanmar

  PT GE Power Taiwan Ltd, Taiwan

  M/S. Alstom Grid Singapore

  M/S. Areva Renewable Energy, Chennai

  M/S. ABB Pte Ltd. Singapore

  M/S. Alstom Ltd, T&D Project, Singapore

  M/S. Areva T&D Ltd, Singapore

  M/S. Hiflux Ltd

  M/S. JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd.

  M/S. Siemens Pte Ltd


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