Women's Day

Women’s Day Celebration

  Voltech Celebrated Women’s day at Eco-Tower on March 8th, to commemorate and pay homage to the women who have made Voltech into what it is today; and to pay obeisance to all the women across the country and the world who tirelessly work each day to make the world a better place. The day began with an invocation to God, and a welcome address delivered to the audience by the MD’s mother, Mrs. Valli Murugesan and the Director, Mrs. U. Kalaivani.

  The day witnessed a flurry of games and events with its focus on building women-centric leadership, strengthening bonds between female workers, building self-esteem and confidence, and to raise awareness of the many problems women face in the present world, both at home and at the workplace. The games and events witnessed much joy and laughter, and many memorable moments shared in the spirit of friendship and ‘upwomanship’.

The objectives of the International Women's Day are:

  To celebrate the struggle for women's rights in the economic, social, political, and cultural domain;

  To reaffirm women's solidarity in the struggle for peace;

  To show what women have achieved.

Vinayagar Chaturthi

  The Voltech family revered Lord Ganesha on the evening of 22nd August 2017, installing clay idols in an elaborately decorated pandal at the Eco-Tower office. The MD and the Director Mrs. U. Kalaivani led the Pooja ceremony where vedic hymns and scriptures were chanted and prayers were offered. The ceremony was concluded with the offering of prasadam, a combination of Chickpeas and Kozhukottai. The prayer was offered in particular for the upcoming year, for new beginnings, as it was the first festival of the Tamil calendar year, and also to remove obstacles for the year’s work ahead.

Bhoomi Pooja- Switchgear Factory

Bhoomi Pooja- Switchgear Factory At Cheyyar

  Ceremonial prayers for blessing the land were conducted at Voltech’s upcoming factory at Cheyyar. The prayers were offered by a priest, with the MD’s revered parents leading the solemn and auspicious occasion. The MD and the Director, Mrs. U. Kalaivani along with the corporate Heads were in attendance for the event. The proposed Switchgear factory would produce an entire product range of industrial switchgears for Voltech’s clients and international operations conforming to the highest production standards. The new factory adds to the long list of production facilities that have strengthened Voltech’s product range in the industry. The factory at Cheyyar will house state-of-the-art equipment, and bring the best of technical expertise and personnel under one roof. The factory is also expected to contribute substantially to the local community, being located in a rural setting, providing opportunities and direct/indirect employment for the villages in the area.


  A one-day workshop on the workings of the Voltech group was organized at Eco-Tower on 19th September 2017. The workshop was conducted specially for the Regional Managers and Marketing personnel of Voltech who serve at major locations in India and overseas. The workshop was themed around the corporate philosophy and insignia of the group, which is now in a transition phase in the market, moving from a secondary contractor/supplier to a major business house competing against other players. Special emphasis on client relationships, managing client-to-competitor transitions in the marketplace, and creating a differentiated identity in the minds consumers, investors, competitors and stakeholders were the focus of the event. Aspects of branding, marketing strategy, advertising strategy, and legal issues were discussed in broad detail. The company’s repositioning strategy and its upward aspirations were communicated with a special emphasis on the new growth plan.

Safety Training

Safety Training (Domestic & International)

  Recognizing that safety is a habit that begins and ends with worker training, safety training was imparted at site locations both within the country and overseas to ensure compliance with the existing international and national safety standards. The training was customized to the needs to the different site locations. The training included best-practices orientation as well as emergency preparedness training. Engaging training content, through auditory and visual media were offered to ensure versatile delivery backed up by real world experience. The advanced levels of interaction and highly engaged training environment helped increase safety awareness and propagate safe behaviours at the workplace. The training programme also explored ways to improve safety observation skills while creating a communicative atmosphere that allows for discussion and conversations on safety. The sessions were a mixture of open sessions to interactive seminars and safety workshops on site. The content was specifically developed to draw the participants attention and to improve memory retention. The training programmes were well received, and their effectiveness is observable from reduced incidents and near-miss reporting at all major site locations.

Independence day

Independence Day Activities

  Voltech marked the eve of Independence day with an atmosphere of camaraderie and brotherhood, organizing games and tournaments in the Eco Tower’s recreation centre for Chess and Carroms. The tournament is held every year for fostering in the employees a culture of competitiveness, sportsmanship and the celebration of mind-over-matter. The programme witnessed record participation from the employees and staffs and was concluded with the distribution of gifts and presents to the winners and runner-up.

Ayutha Pooja

  Ayudha Pooja prayers were offered at the Eco-tower headquarters in the afternoon of the 28th of September 2017, in the presence of the MD, the Director Mrs. U. Kalaivani, the MD’s revered parents as well as the entire management and staff of Voltech. Special prayers were offered for all the company’s tools and equipment, as well as its books, and all affiliated materials in the presence of the priest. The Director Mrs. U. Kalaivani chanted the prayers while the ceremony was in progress, with turmeric paste and sandalwood paste being applied to all tools, machines, vehicles, and other devices in the form of a tilak and a vermillion. The consecrated articles placed on the platform adorned with flowers were worshipped along with the images of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati.

  The ceremony was concluded with the distribution of sweets by the MD’s father to all those attending the Pooja ceremony. The MD also handed out presents and sweets to all the employees wishing greetings to their families and loved ones.

Safety Day

  Voltech celebrated the 46th National Safety Day on 4th March, 2017 at Eco-Tower with an array of games and activities to improve employee awareness on Safety, as well as imbibe best safety practices at home and at work, through interactive puzzles, games, quizzes and information placards.

  The Ceremony also witnessed the presentation of ‘Safety Man Award’ to senior executives, for outstanding safety practices, as well as preventive and precautionary steps adopted in the field to stay abreast of new hazards. The corporate practice of “Near Miss reporting”, involving documenting and acting upon near-miss incidents possibly leading to injury and fatality, in the safety programmes to mitigate possible future incidents arising in similar conditions, was an important pre-emptive measure adopted by the Safety Team of Voltech’s HR Dept. The conclusion of the event was solemnized with a joint pledge taken by all of Voltech’s employees in the presence of the MD.

Sports Day

  The Annual Sports Day of Voltech was held on the Jain College Grounds on 21st January 2017, and witnessed ensemble participation across the board and rank of Voltech. A day of fun and frolic, that witnessed sportsmanship, camaraderie, competition and many memorable moments, it brought the Voltech family together, along with their children and spouses. The Voltech Tournament pitted 4 teams against each other: Phoenix, Murray, Shockers and Avengers.

  The day started off with an ode to the Tamil motherland, and the flag hoisted by the MD in the presence of the 4 Group Captains. An adrenaline filled morning witnessed the Cricket tournament and lively commentary interspersed with both linga and fraca, and some smashing hits from all the teams. The day’s events were also blessed with fair weather and pleasant climate. The afternoon session saw engaging play in the Volleyball, Shuttle and Tennikoit of either sexes. The sprint events were for all practical purposes a one man show, with the medal tally swept up by Voltech’s own grinning Usain.

  One cannot but notice the levels of enthusiastic participation from all across the company. Vice-Presidents and Staffs served on same teams, played side by side, sweated and engaged in a persevering spirit, and were blessed by the presence of the MD and his family. The Tournament was ultimately grabbed by the Phoenix team, who lifted the trophy by winning the highest margin. The medals were distributed by the MD, in the presence of his revered father, and the day was concluded by singing the Indian national anthem.

Car Presentation


  The Managing Director of VOLTECH, Shri. M. Umapathi, presented vehicles as personal conveyance to senior staff members in recognition of their meritorious contributions, long standing commitment and loyalty to the company. The ceremony was marked by the handing over of the keys and a valedictory affirmation of Voltech’s gratitude by the MD, in presence of the staff members at VOLTECH’s corporate Headquarters in Ayyapanthangal. The felicitated staff members received ceremonially blessed and sanctified top-specification models of the finest automobiles available in the Indian market, which were manufactured and designed exclusively for the Indian market. The symbolic interpretation of the ceremony affirms Voltech’s commitment to be at the forefront of manufacturing and research, and its continued and relentless efforts to lead the manufacturing revolution in India. These presented vehicles included Hyundai Creta, Toyota Etios, Suzuki Ritz and Volkwagen Vento.

Solar Power-Plant Inauguration


  The Director of VOLTECH, Smt. U. Kalaivani, inaugurated the 20KW Rooftop Solar Power-Generation unit that is intended to supplement the power requirements of the Kovur factory, to underline Voltech’s efforts to reduce its Carbon footprint. The 20KW Solar power-generation unit is a small part of Voltech’s giant strides in the fabrication and cutting-edge research in renewable power generation sources, and its continuing efforts to explore new vistas in seeking to make the world a better place to live in. These efforts assume greater significance in light of India’s commitments at the Paris Climate Agreement to make stringent and ambitious efforts in reducing its carbon footprint, and to make its manufacturing sector more environmentally friendly, while adopting and implementing sustainable practices over the long term.

Bhairavi Pooja

The Goddess Bhairavi (Meaning the Fierce Goddess) is Hindu goddess associated with the Mahavidya's (Great Wisdoms of the Hindu Purana). She is the consort of Kala Bhairava. Bhairavi is the sixth of ten Mahavidyas. She is also called Tripura Bhairavi. "Tri" means three, "Pura" means fortress, castle, city, town, etc. Tripura Bhairavi conveys three different stages of consciousness i.e active, dream and deep sleep. She is in the form of all triads and once these triads are transcended, the Brahman is attained. In other words, once a devotee solicits her grace, he/she can realize Shiva consciousness. Hence the Goddess Bhairavi is called Tripurabhairavi. The Third Eye perceives a dimension beyond the physical, graciously giving arms that bestow infinite Grace to all in need.

Unique in her manifestation in the form of a Linga or Lingam (An aniconic representation of the Creator, the Preserver, the Transformer, and the Destroyer, God Shiva), the eight feet tall Devi was consecrated by Sadhguru is a powerful energy form with a solidified mercury core. The consecration of Linga Bhairavi was conducted through prana pratishtha, a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into a deity.

The Linga Bhairavi is an earthly representation of the divine Feminine. It is an encapsulation of an absolute woman of ultimate proportions, fierce and compassionate at once. Representing the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe, she is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess – powerful and all-encompassing. Whether a devotee seeks to acquire, enjoy, or transcend the physical and material aspects of life – Devi is the Ultimate Giver of all that and more.

The energy of Linga Bhairavi strengthens the three basic chakras in the human system; thus stabilizing one’s body, mind and energy system. For all those who seek to live life intensely, Devi’s Presence and Grace will assist in the process. If one allows her Grace to function, life will happen in such exuberance that the longing to transcend the physical and touch the spiritual will naturally arise. For those who aspire for spiritual wellbeing, the benevolent Goddess helps in overcoming obstacles on the path and delivers them to the realm of Ultimate Liberation.

It was Sadhguru’s emphasis for human beings to live in consecrated spaces and the transformation it brings in people’s lives and in the way they function. The Bhairavi Yantra’s and Gudis which are powerful forms of the Goddess Bhairavi is a divine presence that one can take home and constantly feel her presence.

Swami Sadhguru introduced Bhairavi Punya Pooja. This is a specially structured powerful pooja by Sadhguru for house warming ceremony, the Grihapravesam which is a very minor form of consecrating the space and a process that makes the space alive. Although structured for new homes, this pooja is performed for old homes, office spaces and any kind of structured buildings. For people who are unable to take home Bhairavi yantras, this pooja is a blessing.??

The pooja involves a certain yagna with chants that invoke her presence and grace, an elaborate abishekam for the Devi, fixing various consecrated Bhairavi forms at specific spots of the house and attaching a Maangalya bala sutra to the house. This is a sutra that strengthens (bala) all that is auspicious (mangalam), which we offer at the Linga Bhairavi, seeking her grace for wellbeing. This sutra is consecrated in a certain way and fixed to your house along with a small form of Devi. A certain process is done with neem for cleansing and energizing along with other organic and traditional materials. A very vibrant form of worship followed by chants enable all that are present to connect and relate to Devi and become more receptive to her grace.

The Bhairavi pooja also is performed entirely by women and is open for all beyond caste, creed, religion, race or nationality.

The Bhairavi Pooja was performed at the 5th floor Atrium of VOLTECH’s Corporate HQ in Porur (Ayyapanthangal) on 29th July 2016, with the MD Shri M. Umapathi leading the Staff of VOLTECH in the ceremony. The VOLTECH Corporate HQ employs close to 350 staff members, comprising of more than 160 Female staffs, and around 180 Male staff members. The Pooja was performed for the Employees’ welfare, providing them with peace and tranquility, and also invoking the blessings of the Goddess upon their familie sand relations. The sanctification ceremony provided stability and strengthened the mind, body and the energy system of the employees of VOLTECH.

A human being deserves to live in a consecrated space. A human being should live in a space which is charged with a certain energy which will naturally push him upward. Not something that traps him into the ways of life, but something that constantly helps him to transcend.

It’s very important that you create the right kind of space around you, so that you live well
– Sadhguru

Disclaimer: This information has been elicited from the Official website of Swami Sadhguru, Linga Bhairavi and Wikipedia, consistent with the Fair Use policy of VOLTECH’s internet portal. The information has not been altered in its content or character, or rephrased, considering the religious solemnity of the ceremony, and the sacrosanct character of the performed chants)

World Environmental Day

  VOLTECH paid homage to Mother Earth on June 5th 2016, by planting 501 saplings at Cheyyar and Kattupakkam. The planting of the saplings were assisted by all heads of VOLTECH’s divisions and the employees, with one sapling for each employee of VOLTECH’s offices in Cheyyar and Kattupakkam.

  VOLTECH also actively supported the World- Environment Day celebrations online through the Twitter Hashtag #worldenvironmentday. An awareness programme was also given due importance, with the World Environment Day (WED) and concerns over Poaching and illegal Wildlife trade being highlighted in the Apr-Jun 2016 edition of VOLTECH VISTA.

  The MD of VOLTECH also distributed hundreds of Saplings to the staffs at VOLTECH Technopark and VOLTECH Eco Tower (The HQ).

Powder Coating Plant Inauguration

Powder Plant for Flameproof & Weatherproof Coating

  The Powder Coating plant was Installed and Commissioned by M/s. PON Engineers Pvt. Ltd. at VOLTECH’s Kovur Facility. The plant was inaugurated by the Directors, Shri. M. Umapathi and Smt. U. Kalaivani on the 6th of June, 2016.

  The commissioned plant will serve as an in-house facility for doing powder coating on Flameproof and Weatherproof Equipment, while also providing it with an aesthetic appeal for the International Market.

Republic Day

Republic Day Celebrations

  India’s 65th republic day was marked at VOLTECH HQ by a Solemn Flag-Hoisting Ceremony by the MD in the presence of all Senior Heads and Staffs of VOLTECH.

  Competitive games and events pitted the skills of VOLTECH’s employees against one another, while also promoting the spirit of camaraderie and kinship, providing many moments of light hearted banter and joy.

Voltech 22nd Anniversary

Voltech 22nd Anniversary Celebrations

  The 22nd anniversary gala function celebrated at the Chennai trade Centre, Guindy, on the 22nd of October was a day marked with festivities and celebration, as the Voltech family came together in a spirit of joy and oneness to celebrate yet another wonderful year of success, achievement and accomplishment. The day was graced by several VIP guests, among them including Dr. G. Viswanathan, the Founder and Chancellor of VIT University, Mr. Nasser, actor, director, producer and the president of South Indian Artistes’ Association, Mr. S. Rajavel, Sr. Vice-President and Head (Water, Smart World, & Communication) of L&T Ltd., Chennai, and Mr. N. K. Ranganath, Managing Director of Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Adding a touch of spice and tradition were the beautiful Tamil oratory by Mr. Senthamil Arasu, who peppered the entire day with eloquent classical Tamil and a deep baritone that resonated with crystal clarity.

  The morning of the festivities was a thematic summation of Voltech’s initiatives for the welfare of society. The seven-themed concept focused on the several areas where Voltech was making important contributions to society. The tastefully ornate stage radiated opulence and class, as seven large vertical LED screens played out the videos of each theme. The morning’s events were studded with an ensemble cast of who’s who in society, and also had important presentations by the Director, Mr. Senthil Kumar, the MD, The Director, Mrs. U. Kalaivani and the dignitaries on the dais.

  The morning’s events culminated in a flurry of events that were symbolically important, culturally relevant and manifestly significant, beginning with awards presented to loyal employees who have served the company for 20 years, and certificates of appreciation presented by the MD to employees who have completed 15, 10 and 5 years respectively with Voltech. The best factory award, for outstanding manufacturing processes was presented to IC-M4, with the head Mr. G. P. Haribabu receiving the award with his division in attendance. Awards were also presented to Organ donors from the Voltech family, appreciating and encouraging them for their noble gesture.

  The MDs revered parents presented scholarships exceeding 50 lakhs to students, aside from giving away medical equipment for disabled individuals, and presenting spectacles to over 150 villagers who attended the eye-camp at Cheyyar.

  The anniversary also witnessed the launch of the G-Organics band of cookies, which is promoted by the Director, Mr. Senthil Kumar. Voltech has been making focused efforts to promote environmental restoration and eco-farming, and have launched an organic vegetable brand at Velachery. The group’s efforts at using innovative ways of recycling waste, restoring pristine beauty of landfills and other depleted ecosystems, and cultivating vegetables without using pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals was lauded in particular by Mr. Nasser. His address paid much attention to themes of sustainability, restoration, and social responsibility. The launch of the G-Organics brand reflected fruitful endeavours in this light.

  With over 2000 people in attendance, the food and drinks served during lunch was fit for a banquet of Kings, with delicacies of the finest culinary finesse being served to the guests across the dining halls. The lunch was truly an elaborate affair, with dozens of exquisite dishes from the far corners of the land, served by the finest chefs, and stewards in traditional attire.

  The afternoon session began with a Pattimandram featuring celebrated debater, Mr. Sugi Sivam. The talk was very reflective on the problems of the present day, and engaged the audiences in rapt attention, bringing to the fore strands of thought from the speakers whose contributions connected deeply with the public. The ‘down to earth' speaking style of Mr. Sivam and his command of the Tamil language enabled him to get complex literary issues across to the audience. Relevant social themes were brought to the podium that day and worked to bring about social awakening in Tamil Nadu and beyond.

  The afternoon was grand as it was colourful, bringing with it a splash of bright hues and the revelry of merry music. With a host of cultural events, song and dance, featuring every age group from children to the elderly, it was a fun-for-all festival of winsome cheer, rollicking hilarity, and vivacious joviality.

  Chennai Trade Centre gleamed with the clinquant of joie de vivre, as the celebrations extended all the day towards late evening. Never one to allow even a moment of sobriety or dreariness in the bash, the organizers had saved the suspense right until the last event of the day where the lucky raffle announced half a dozen winners from amongst the audience, rewarding them with cash prizes in the tens of thousands. The closing ceremony was as spirited as the opening, with oomph’s of hurrahs and cheering bouncing across the entire hall. The anniversary was the biggest one yet, and left such a feeling of completeness that the audiences were left yearning for the invitation for next year.

HR Caucus 2015

HR Caucus 2015

  The 5th Edition of the VOLTECH HR Caucus was held on the 19th September 2015 at The Hilton Chennai. The HR Caucus organized and hosted by VOLTECH serves as a platform to invite the best minds of the Industry and Academia in promoting, adopting and exploring new paradigms in HR Policies and Processes to improve Employee Morale and Productivity, while emphasizing on sustainable, ethical and fair practices across the Industrial Sphere.

  The HR Caucus was a grand success, witnessing over 500 registrations from HR Practitioners across the leading Corporate Houses and MNCs in India. The Theme of the Caucus, “The Journey Beyond The Best Practices To The Next Practices” focused on emerging challenges and opportunities in HR for improving Employee Engagement, Innovativeness, Improvement and Change Management practices. The Programme invited thought leaders in the field, such as Mr. K. Ramesh (VP, Delphi TVS Ltd.), Mr. Srinageshwar (VP- Group Industrial Relations, Simpson & Co Ltd.), Mrs. Rujutha Rammohan (Sr. VP & Country Head- AMP Tech), Mr. Rakesh Gupta (HR Head- Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd.), Mr. Presanna Rao (Sr. VP HR- Shapoorji Pallonji Infra), Mr. Amaldoss (Director HR- TEMPEL Precision Metal Products Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Ganesh Kumar (Ex. CEO- RANE Engine Ltd.), Mr. K. C. Joseph (AGM & Head HR- Reliance Retail Ltd.), Mr. Shyam Sunder (Sr. GM HR- Brakes India Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. B. Kandaswamy (Exe. Director- Kavitalayaa Productions Pvt. Ltd), Mr. T. V. Subba Rao (National VP- Indian Society of T&D) and Mr. G. D. Sharma (Advisor- Voltech HR Services Pvt. Ltd.).

  The visionary director of VHRSPL, Mr. Dinesh K. Babu hosted this prestigious event that served as an important date in Chennai’s corporate calendar. A broad number of themes formed the crux of the Event, with special emphasis provided in the areas of Transparency, Control, and Career Velocity.

  The illustrious MD of Voltech Group, Shri. M. Umapathi presented a lifetime award to Mr. K. Pandia Rajan of MA FOI Consultants Ltd. An insightful talk by Shri A. Aravamudhan, the Ex-CEO of LUCAS TVS Ltd. provided for much though and deliberation. Shri. A. Aravamudhan received special recognition for his efforts, leadership and contribution to the field by the MD, Shri. M. Umapathi. The program also felicitated up and coming HR practitioners in the field under the Budding HR Hunt Event.

  The success and publicity that the event received in the days that followed provided a huge impetus to the monumental efforts of the HR Team of VOLTECH, whose 5th anniversary of the Caucus could not have seen better prospects. The event also marked the auspicious launch of the ambitious in-house newsletter, the VHRS Trumpet Magazine,

Safety Mock Drill

Safety Mock Drill

  The Staff of VOLTECH Corporate HQ took part in a Fire Safety and Mock Drill on October 1st 2015, which discussed Fire Hazards, Fire Stages and Emergency Response Behaviour, Fire Triangle and Fire Extinguishing methods.

  The 1-day training programme also focused extensively on the different classes of Fire, the different types of Fire Equipment used to contain and mitigate such Fires, and also a number of staged events to prepare the employees to handle contingencies and emergencies. The mock drill involved an evacuation simulation from the corporate HQ that houses all the divisional heads, and also employs over 350 employees.

  Fire Prevention techniques were discussed along with tips and techniques for maintenance of the equipment and periodic inspection. The training programme also discussed the Do’s and Dont’s of Fire safety.

  Towards the latter half of the programme, the importance of Emergency Rescue teams (ERT), and planned evacuation procedures were drilled into the participating staff members. The Practical drills specifically focused on Rescue Techniques, Evacuation Drills, Fire Mock Drills and a Fire Hydrant Drill.

  The event was a great success that witnessed active involvement from all levels of VOLTECH’s staff members, and was exemplified by active and serious participation from all the divisions of VOLTECH. The respective division heads provided valuable leadership and mentoring in preparing the staff members for such contingencies.

MET Instruments Calibration Centre Inauguration
The state-of-the-art MET Instrumentation Calibration Unit of VOLTECH, situated on the 5th floor of the VOLTECH Headquarters was inaugurated on the 21st of August 2015 by the MD, Shri. M. Umapathy in the presence of Shri. Sentamilarasan and the MET Instruments Calibration Centre Team.

Vazhur Bhoomi Pooja

Vazhur Bhoomi Pooja

  The Bhoomi-Pooja for Vazhur Village, which was adopted by VOLTECH as part of its CSR initiative, was performed in the sacrosanct presence of the parents of the MD, Shri. Murugesan and Smt. Valli Murugesan. Vazhur Village is slated for a huge impetus to the growth of its infrastructure, with VOLTECH’s proposed upgrades in its Schooling System, Sanitatition Facilities, Healthcare Services, access to Water and Innovative Energy initiatives.

  The Bhoomi Pooja is the holiest act of divine incantation in order to bless the soil and the land, invoking the name of the Almighty. The Bhoomi Pooja at Vazhur was consecrated on the 7th of June, 2015

New Year Celebration 2018

New Year Celebration

  New Year Celebrations, blessings Pooja and a small get-together was held on the 1st of January 2018 at 9.00 am at the Eco Tower Head office and later at Voltech Technopark, Pillaipakkam and Kovoor at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm respectively. The MD’s revered father, Shri. N. Murugesan led the event in solemn prayer as the MD and Director U. Kalaivani delivered their New Year’s messages after the religious ceremony

  Voltech enjoyed the full blessings of Mother Nature in 2017 along with Chennai city, where its headquarters is located. The Pooja ceremony was also an occasion of joyous thanksgiving for allowing safe passage through the year 2017.

  At the conclusion of the ceremony, gifts and sweets were distributed to all employees by the MD in the presence of his parents, along with the 2018 corporate diary. On account of the ceremonial importance of the auspicious day, the corporate office functioned only till noon.

Republic Day Celebrations - 2018

Republic Day Celebrations

  The Tri-colour was proudly and patriotically hoisted on the momentous occasion of India’s 66th Republic Day at the Eco-Tower Headquarters by the MD in the presence of all Senior Heads and Staffs of VOLTECH.

  The MD took the opportunity to remind the staff and all employees about their sacred duty to the motherland and also to each other as citizens of a great nation, reflecting on the message of the President Shri. Ram Nath Kovind on building and sustaining the republic in its undiminished form for the generations to come.

  Competitive games and events pitted the skills of VOLTECH’s employees against one another, while also promoting the spirit of camaraderie and kinship, providing many moments of light hearted banter and joy.

Pongal Celebrations - 2018

Pongal Celebrations

  The annual harvest festival of the Dravidian Culture ‘Pongal’, constitutes the most important week of the Tamil Calendar, marking festivities and celebrations extending an entire week and beyond. Pongal in Tamil means "boiling over or spill over." The boiling over of milk in the clay pot symbolizes material abundance for the household.

  Thai Pongal falls on Makara Sankranthi celebrated throughout India as the winter harvest. Thai Pongal, celebrated at harvest time, is traditionally intended to thank the Sun God and farmstead livestock that helped create the material abundance. The saying "Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum" meaning "the commencement of Thai paves the way for new opportunities" is often quoted regarding the Pongal festival.

  Voltech participated wholeheartedly in this 1000 year old festival during the second week of January. Pongal celebrations at Voltech were made colourful by the many traditional garments adorned by the lady staff members, as well as the Kolam (Rangoli) competition, that showcased some of the most innovative designs by the participants. The afternoon was enjoyed over a sumptuous 3-course feast of Tamil delicacies to celebrate the harvest and partake in the joy of the festivities.

  Kolam is a regular feature of Tamil households, a chore performed during the early hours of each morning with religious regularity, using powered rice, mixed with colours, on the threshold of their homes and auspices, symbolic of welcoming guests, a value based system that goes back thousands of years, as echoed in India’s culture “Athithi Devo Bhavah”.

National Safety Day - 2018

National Safety Day

   The National Safety Day/Safety Week Campaign is spearheaded by the National Safety Council for nearly three decades to mark its Foundation Day (4th March). It is a national movement carried out annually to prevent and lessen the loss of life including various human problems and their associated financial costs through safety, health and environment related support services.

  National Safety Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm to generate awareness on how to prevent industrial accidents through widespread safety awareness programs in public spheres which have not been covered by any safety legislation. During the entire Safety Week, a variety of safety related activities are demonstrated to people.

  The National Safety drive has significantly contributed to reduction in the rate of industrial accidents and created widespread safety awareness across sectors. The campaign is comprehensive, general and flexible with an appeal to the participating organisations to develop specific activities as per their safety requirements.

  VOLTECH held the 47th national safety day on March 5th, to continually educate and train its employees in safety practices both at work and at home. The Managing Director led the event in reciting the safety pledge, emphasizing on the importance of safety afterward in a speech, while commending the improved safety record of the company in the previous year, witnessed by minimized instances of casualties and fatalities in the field.

  The safety week events also included games and quizzes on the evening of the 3rd of March, at both the individual and group levels, employing various innovative ideas such as rebus to hone in the message underlying preventive and precautionary measures. The winners in each of the events were felicitated with prizes and certificates by the MD in the presence of all Heads, Staff and Employees in a solemn ceremony following the pledge.

  While drills and training events are a regular feature in the Voltech Calendar, the safety day provided additional measures and inputs on emergency reaction and evacuation. VOLTECH is proud of its exemplary safety record, reporting zero casualties and fatalities in the field, and reduced incidents of near-miss instances reported over the previous year.