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Dry Type Transformer

ICM4 Electronics division has Supplied more than 1000nos. of Battery Chargers within 5years to Various Customers.


List Of Products

  Battery Charger up to 1500AH

  Power Saver Panel up to 200kVA

  Transformer Voltage Regulator up to 200kVA (Industrial Stabilizer)

  DC Power Pack up to 220VDC

  DC to DC Convertor

  LT Transformer up to 1 MVA

Battery Charger


We are Manufacturing Battery Charger up to 150A The thyristor controlled rectifier is fully a solid state equipment for providing constant Voltage and Constant current for the battery charging process.

Voltage Ranges : 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V, 110V, 220V( options are float, boost, trickle) & (Auto , Manual)


  Float Cum Boost Charger

  Float Charger & Boost Charger

  Dual Float Cum Boost Charger

  Float Charger &Float Cum Boost Charger


  Automatic voltage regulation

  Smoothening filter circuit

  Short circuit and overload Protection

  Over voltage cut-off keep load and battery bank secure

  Automatic float/boost change over based on the current drawn by the battery

  Conventional Design and High quality standards

  Low maintenance, Remote operation, user friendly


Battery charger can be used in following industries

  Power Plants

  Sub station

  Cement Plants

  Oil and Refinery Plants

  Solar Projects

Power Saver Panel

Features of Power Saver Panel

   Power saving is above 20% in lighting

  No load currents is very low below 1% of the rated output current

  On/off control can be achieved by time, dusk –dawn control, PLC& manual mode

  When used in manual mode all the control circuit is been bypassed directly, used in case of emergency

  Compact in size, box can be custom designed as per the requirement of the customer

  Programmable logic controller can be used for sequential, on/off for lights

  Easy to install with existing control unit and cabling

  Payback period is 8 to 12 months based on site conditions and usage

  Low maintenance, No moving parts, easy to service

Comparison between Other company’s energy saver and power saver panel of VOLTECH


   Used in Outdoor Lighting

  Garden Lights

  High Mast

  Residential Layout

  Automatic On/off for lights

Transformer Voltage Regulator

  For the First time we are developed 5kVA to 200kVA 3ɸ Transformer Voltage Regulator (Voltage Stabilizer) for overcome and control these voltage fluctuation & can provide you with the desired constant output voltages

  Capacity – 5KVA to 200KVA

  It will boost 5% to 25% with reference to the input Voltage


   Under voltage

   Over Voltage

   Single Phase fail

   Phase Unbalanced

   Phase Sequence

   Over Load


It can be used in following machines

   Air- conditioner



  Pumping Stations

Power Pack

   The Power Pack is used as a power source for VCB panel in substation where station battery supply is not available. Power pack gets charged from line connected PT. It can supply DC connected load for operation close/trip coils and other essential loads such as auxiliary supply to protection relay etc.

  I/P Voltage Ranges : 110VAC or 230VAC

  O/P Voltage Ranges : 12VDC /24VDC / 48VDC / 110VDC /220VDC

  Input Burden without Load: 10mA to 25mA

  Continuous Load : 90%

  Impulse load : 110%

  Battery : 7AH & 14AH 12/24V

  Protection : Over voltage & Short Circuit

  Indication : Charger ON ,Output ON, Battery Operation, Output over load, Battery low, Battery Reverse


  HT Panels for Auxiliary supply

  LT Panels

Dry Type Transformer

HT & LT Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Transformer up to 1MVA

  Isolation Transformer

  Industrial Transformer

  Rectifier Transformer

  Ferro Resonant Constant voltage Transformer

  Scott-T Transformer

  Auto Transformer

  Potential Transformer

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  Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM)

  Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), Neyveli – Battery Charger

  Odisha Mega Lift Irrigation Project Bhubaneswar – Battery Charger

  Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Limited (TSGENCO)

  Defence Research and Development Organisation, Avadi- chennai

  IGCAR ,Kalpakkam Approval for Light Energy saver Panel

  TNEB Approval for 110V,24A Battery Charger

  TNEB Approval for 110V,60A Battery Charger

  NTPC Approval for LT Transformers

  ICF approval for Energy saver Panel

  NPCIL , Kudankulam

  Orissa Mega lift irrigation Project


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