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We specialize in the refurbishment/retrofitting,enhancement,and modernization of electrical and instrumentation systems.Our services include Turnaround services, Annual overhauling services, Attending breakdown shutdowns, Erection, testing and commissioning of all electrical and instrumentation activities We cater to various process sectors, including Power plants up to 600MW, Metal and mineral industries,Hydrocarbon and petrochemical plants,Chemical plants,Mining sectors,Cement sectors, Our services are available pan India. Additionally, we execute electrical testing and commissioning activities throughout the eastern region of India.


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Condition Assessment

Residual Life Assessment of Transformers up to 765KV Class 500MVA
Dielectric Frequency Response Analyser
Residual Life Assessment of Transformers up to 765KV Class 500MVA
On-line (AE Technique) for power transformer & Off-line Partial Discharge Identifications by abiding the IEC 62478 and IEC 60270.
On-line PD (AE Technique) & High frequency PD testing for GIS.
Sweep Frequency response Analyser
Capacitance and Tan Delta Dissipation factor /Power factor measurement by abiding IEEE C57.
RSO (Recurrent surge oscillogram) for generators.
Assessing the internal characteristics of circuit breaker (MV, HV and EHV)
Diagnostics studies of generator.


Turnaround Services

Executing the ELECTRICAL TA - Turnaround Business (Oil & Gas, Power Plants and Process Plants).

Executing the refurbishment/retrofitting activities of various range of power plants from 6 MW to 600 MW with the various voltage levels of 415 V to 400 KV.
Refurbishment & Overhauling Transformers Ranging from 1000 KVA to 250 MVA (400/220KV Class) & Line Reactors Up to 50 MVAr.
LT & MV Switchgear refurbishment
Overhauling of Power Generators up to 33 MW
MCC & PCC, HT & LT Panels refurbishment
Overhauling/refurbishment activities of various ranges of HT motors upto 10 MW motors and all type of LT motors
Control & Instrumentation Services.


Partial Discharge Measurement by abiding the IEC 60270
Recurrent Surge Oscilloscope
Capacitance and Dissipation factor/power factor Measurement by abiding the IEEE C57
DC High Voltage Test for Stator Windings
Wedge Tightness Identification using soft Hammer
Pole drop Test
Electro Magnetic Core Imperfection Detection

On-line (AE Technique) for power transformers and Off-line Partial Discharge Measurement of Cables, GIS, CT's and Bus bar supporting Insulators by abiding the IEC 62478 and IEC 60270.

Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement
Arcing/Wiping Contact Resistance Measurement
Over travel measurement
Moving Contact Travel Measurement
Dew Point Measurement
Bounce Measurements between the main contacts
Bounce Measurements between the Auxiliary Contacts
Timing Measurement

Electrical Signature Analysis
Surge comparison tester
Partial discharge analysis
Capacitance measurement
Winding resistance measurement
Power factor/dissipation factor measurement
Harmonics analysis
Vibration analysis
Noise measurement

Control & Instrumentation


Installation of all type of field & analytical Instruments. Impulse tubing for instruments as per hook-up drawings. Supervisory technical manpower support.

Control Value Activities

Commissioning & Calibration of various control values. Installation & calibration of motorized valves, electro-pneumatic and smart positioners. Service & overhauling all type of control valves & turn around management.


Process loop checking (Hot & Cold) of field instruments. Powering up the sensors & field instruments. Uploading & downloading program, logic design & I/O assignment as per standard. Installation, Inspection, Calibration, loop Checking and site acceptance test for Control Valves & On/Off Valves. DCS, PLC& SCADA System Commissioning Activities

Calibration & Commissioning

Supervision of erection activities. Calibration & Commissioning of Instruments by skilled Technician. Cable Termination, loop checking by skilled Electricians. DCS Operators and Field Operators for Power plants.

Areas Covered

Power Transmission & Distribution
Power Plants
Railways / Airport / Seaport

Oil & Gas and Process Industries
Metals & Minerals
Smart Cities & Data Centers

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VOLTECH Group is a reputed, experienced and professional Electrical Engineering Company with a proven background in the areas of Testing & Commissioning of medium and heavy-duty Electricals in the Power and Transmission Sector

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