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M.Umapathi Chairman & Managing Director - VOLTECHGROUP

In synonymous with the quotation Mr. Umapathi had a very humble beginning. He was born in the year 1960 on June 1st to Mr. Murugesan and Mrs. Valli Murugesan in a middle class family in the southern Indian state of "Tamil Nadu".

Through his impeccable academic career he was given admission in the Ace and August, Anna University at Guindy in Chennai which is well known for its 'par excellence' and rigorous academic standard. Mr. Umapathi completed his B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the year 1982 with flying colours. He has 29 long years of experience in the field of Engineering and has become a "repertoire" of inventory skills in multifaceted tasks in the field of engineering. Mr. Umapathi started his career as a graduate Trainee at M/s Best & Crompton Ltd., toiled for the company's progress till 1990.

Mr. Umapathi is a naturally gifted leader, his deeply inspiring spirit won him the position of directorship in Elsytec Engineers & Controls Pvt. Ltd., . He served his position with avid "onus" as one of the director from 1990-1995.

The most significant era of Voltech dawned in the year 1995 when Mr. Umapathi started 'Voltech Engineers' as a proprietorship company, with his iconic entrepreneurship. In the year 2005 Voltech engineers has been incorporated under the companies act 1956 as Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd., with the best intentions of Doctorine of Indoor management with the impeccable leadership of Mr. M. Umapathi as the Managing Director, further the company mellowed as an ISO 9001:2015 Company.


Mrs.U.Kalaivani Director, Voltech Engineers Private Limited
Mr.P.K.Senthil Kumar
Mr.P.K.Senthil Kumar Director, Voltech Global Trading Private Limited
Mrs.U.Devi Director, Voltech Global Trading Private Limited
Miss.U.Nandhinee Director, VINEE Elmech Products Private Limited
K.Rajendra Prasad
K.Rajendra Prasad Technical Director, Voltech Engineers Private Limited
Mr.P.Raveenthiran Director, Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited
Mr.T.Murugan Director, Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited
Mr.S.Manikandan Director, Voltech O and M Services Private Limited
Mr.Dinesh K.Babu
Mr.Dinesh K.Babu Director, Voltech HR Services Private Limited
Mrs.A.Annapoorani Director, Asia Power Electrical LLP
Mr.Vasudeva Comandur
Mr.Vasudeva Comandur CEO &Director, NLP Labs

Voltech boasts a professional and highly experienced management team handling its operations.

  Mr. R.Swaminathan - Chief Advisor - Board

  Mr. P.Sankaran - Chief Advisor - Board

  Mr. M.R.Senthamil Arasu - Chief Advisor - Board

  Mr. S.N.Raghunathan - Chief Advisor - Board

  Mr. T.Hariraj - Chief Executive Officer - Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. S.Arumugavelan - Executive Director - Finance

  Mr. TN Balu - Executive Director - Revenue

  Mr. R.Sundar - Executive Director - Voltech Global Trading Private Limited

  Mr. K.Punniyakotti - Executive Director - Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. T.Sudhakar - Executive Director - Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. M. Babu - Executive Director - IC D1

  Mr. KSV. Vijayan - Executive Director - IC D2

  Mr. A.A.Vijaykumar - Executive Director –IC Engineering

  Mr. S. Vasanth - Executive Director - IC IN1

  Mr. T. Premnath - Executive Director - IC IN2

  Mr. S.Sivakumar - Executive Vice President - IC IN3

  Mr. P. Subramanian - Vice President- Asia Power Electrical LLP

  Mr. R.Adalarasan - Vice President - ICM1 Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. R.Rajayogesh - Vice President - ICM2 Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. G.P.Haribabu - Assistant Vice President - ICM4 Voltech Manufacturing Company Limited

  Mr. S.M. Chandramohan - Unit Head - Control & Instrumentation

  Mr. S.P.Sudhakaran - Vice President - IC Solar

  Mr. A. Kamalasekar - General Manager - Asia Power