We know that businesses can play a major role in protecting our planet. That is why Voltech group companies actively endeavour to plant saplings over the past 10 years.

100,000+ Saplings planted past 10 years

World Environment Day was solemnly observed across the Voltech Group on June 5th, marking the observance of a day whose ideals have become deeply ingrained in the corporate philosophy of the company. The morning of the 5th of June saw the distribution of plant saplings to all the heads of the departments and various divisions of the company by the MD, numbering over 300 saplings & planting of saplings at Cheyyar & Vazhur Villages numbering over 10000+ every year. The day was also observed at all the factories and commercial complexes of the company where saplings were distributed to the staff and employees. The importance of Environment Day was emphasized in a speech highlighting the global problems faced by the present world, while underlining the importance of sustainability in the development and the utilization of modern technologies. The company’s intended plan to reduce its own carbon footprint, as well as its contribution to the environment in providing clean and renewable energy, energy-efficient equipment, and imbibing best practices for the environment both at its corporate offices and factories were revisited, even as the company inculcates a growing sense of responsibility to its stakeholders through its many projects to become self-sufficient in power generation, while also endeavoring to contribute power to the collective grid.